30th March 2020 – For God’s sake, put the razor away!

I hope you got through the weekend OK?

Not wanting to sound flippant, but I have to say that I preferred this isolation business when the sun was shining and it was lovely and warm!

Today I want to address a point which I know is on quite a lot of our clients’ minds and that is what you should do with the body/intimate/facial hair you usually have waxed during this period that both salons are closed. (and yes I know there are bigger things to worry about and that this is an insignificant concern in the grand scheme of things but I also know that many clients are asking the question).

The default step that many of you will be tempted to take is to get the razor out but this is pretty much the last thing we advise you do.

I can guarantee you that shaving WILL increase the rate and extent of your regrowth. Shaving WILL bluntly cut the hair off to create unsightly, and depending on where you shave (….), potentially-uncomfortable regrowth. Shaving WILL make the area look even more hairy when the regrowth starts coming. And shaving WILL MOST DEFINITELY make your waxing, when you’re eventually allowed to return to it, more painful.

Instead, we strongly suggest that you consider one of the following options:

  • For all body and bikini/intimate areas (male and female) we suggest that you consider trimming the hair, via one of two ways:
    • Using the trimmer attachment of a conventional shaver (for men) or lady shaver for women to trim the hair as opposed to shaving it. With a good trimming attachment, you can achieve extremely short hair without actually shaving it. This will mean that you will not get the same blunt and unsightly regrowth with trimming as you would get with shaving. You can use a trimming attachment to trim frequently (daily if you wanted to) which would keep the hair really really short for as long as you want it to stay that way. So you can do this on legs, backs, chests, stomachs, underarms, arms, bikini, intimate etc.
    • The other way of trimming would be to use a pair of small scissors (e.g. on your bikini or intimate area) and get the hair very short that way. Please exercise caution if you do this though as we feel that the NHS may have enough to deal with right now, without you adding to its burden. (However, scissors would definitely be a good option for bikini lines and intimate areas until you get your hands on the right kind of trimmer – see below for more advice on this)
  • For all lip/chin/side of face hair, we would recommend the use of a suitable facial hair bleach
  • For your brows, we would recommend essential plucking only. i.e. only those hairs that are really prominent/stray. Do not try and recreate the same shape you get in salon. We all have enough to deal with right now without coming out of this as if we’ve stepped back to the 90’s (over plucked brow anyone?)
  • And final suggestion, shock horror. Just let it grow out! Now you might not expect a waxing salon to give this advice, but we’ve always been very firm in our stance that you should only ever wax because YOU want to, and not because anyone else (or society) wants you to. So unless you’re really bothered by your regrowth, why not just let it grow out for a little bit and then see how you feel/what you want to do about it?

In coming weeks, we’ll be sharing LOADS more information on this topic. That includes videos and detailed blogs, giving our verdict on exactly which devices (available to purchase online in the UK) have the best trimming attachments. We’ll also be testing facial bleaches, and giving you our findings on these, as well as home waxing kits. But as you might expect, it will take us a little bit of time to carry out this research (what we don’t want to do is to pass on other people’s recommendations which may not be completely impartial and which we haven’t tried and tested ourselves.)

So hang on in there if you can until we’re able to share more detailed product recommendations with you!

Try and have a good start to the week, and I look forward to being in touch again on Wednesday.

Take care
Rebecca at nkd ( )

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