3rd April 2020 – A strong sense of purpose.

Another week down, another week closer to normality, eh?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably settled into this new way of life with surprising ease (as always, I realise this may not apply if you’re frontline NHS/in another job which has gone crazy busy or become crazily stressful as a direct result of the crisis). I think it’s so interesting how scenarios which previously would have been unimaginable to any of us have now become so widely accepted and so normal.

Take the schools and nurseries as an example. When the rumours first started flying round that the schools would be forcibly shut for the weeks in the run up to Easter, I found this idea totally preposterous. But now, the notion that they might re-open straight after Easter seems even more absurd and hard to believe. What a massive shift in our expectations and mindset that is.

I think that one of the things that has helped me adjust is keeping a strong sense of purpose. I’m also trying to encourage my children to do the same.

By that, I mean that I do see aspects of this horrible situation as an opportunity and I know that once all this finally comes to an end, I will feel frustrated with myself if I haven’t made the most of those opportunities.

Your purpose can be anything, and of course, you can have multiple purposes. For me, I’m not counting purposes such as keeping the children happy and keeping their education going, because for one that’s a given, and secondly, it would be very hard for me to measure, to know whether I’ve truly achieved it or not at the end of this.

But a purpose I can measure is the extent to which I’ve managed to keep the business alive during this period of forced closure. There will be marketing metrics that I can put in place which will give a good indication of how well I’ve done at that.

Obviously I have personal/non-nkd purposes as well. Such as to be able to run 5k in less than 30 minutes by the end of this (I’m a very bad runner at the moment!!) and to be in a truly-entrenched routine of starting at least 3 days a week with some form of exercise or other before I dive into work. These are goals that have probably been on every New Year Resolutions list I’ve made in the last 5 years, but have so far failed to reach. But I genuinely feel like I have a chance at making them happen now, and I’ll feel really annoyed at myself if I let this chance slip by!

Another example of a strong sense of purpose is the one I’ve encouraged in my 9-year old son (who definitely is not usually known for his sense of ‘drive’!). Tom asked for a Rubik’s cube for his 8th birthday. He will turn 10 in a couple of months’ time and somewhat predictably, has failed to master the Rubik’s cube in the intervening 2 years. What he has done is pick it up every few months, fiddle about it with it for a few minutes and then put it back down because he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing, and neither of us are able to teach him. So I’ve talked to him about what a great opportunity this period of disruption is to finally master his Rubik’s Cube. We’ve talked about how impressed his friends at school would be, how proud his grandparents and our wider families would be, and what a sense of achievement he would feel in himself if he manages to do that. We’ve also chatted about how that’s then a skill he will able to keep for the rest of his life, and hopefully will one day be telling his own children about when he learnt how to do the Rubik’s cube and why. I’m happy to say that (for now!) he’s fully signed up to this personal commitment and goal and now spends half an hour each day, studying Rubik’s Cube youtube tutorials and getting better at it. He’s already made great progress and I feel so proud of him for that.

So your purpose really can be many things, and while it may seem trivial to others, that doesn’t matter if it’s important to you!

I’d love to hear what your sense of purpose is during this time, and of course if you tell me that, you’ll also have to tell me whether you’ve achieved it by the end of this!

Take care and try and have a nice weekend
Rebecca at nkd ( )

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