3rd June 2020 – Why I Switched to Aluminum Free Deodorant…

As always, I hope you’re well today.

For me, a really important part of this lockdown has been to use the additional time and headspace that’s been available to think about, and most importantly trial/start new personal initiatives which, in my old life, didn’t get a look-in. These have all been things that were previously on my radar (often for a long time), and which I’ve really wanted to dedicate some time to, but have never quite managed to thanks to the hustle, bustle and general chaos of everyday life.

So as I’ve spoken about before, for me that’s included allowing my hair to go back to its naturally curly state (which has required more time, energy and commitment than you might think!!), setting mini 5k running and weightloss targets and de-cluttering the house.

Something else that I’ve also finally got round to doing is switching to an aluminium-free deodorant. For years now, I’ve been reading about why I should do this.

In case you’re not aware of it already, the basic theory is this: Anti-perspirants use aluminium to block sweat ducts, which is what stops you sweating. This aluminium then penetrates your skin and gets inside your body. A large proportion of breast cancers start in the region where you apply anti-perspirant. Breast cancer seems to be much more prevalent in societies and areas of the world where the use of anti-perspirant is commonplace. All of these factors have led to widespread concern among many that the use of aluminium-containing anti-perspirants can be directly linked to high levels of breast cancer in the western world.

Now before any of you start shouting at me, I’m the first to point out that this is just a THEORY. To date, many scientists and regulators believe that there is no causal link between the two and that any studies that suggest otherwise are flawed. I’m sure many of you readers will be on that side of the fence.

For me personally though, there is enough anecdotal evidence to have made me consider switching. Not least as I personally know several breast cancer survivors who have been keen to spread the message themselves. I think my argument would be what harm can switching do? It’s not as if the aluminium-free deodorants contain another ingredient that may cause me harm. And frankly, I prefer the idea of managing my sweat in a different way, if I can, rather than actually blocking the secretions which are meant to happen, which when I think about it just doesn’t feel like the wisest thing to do.

The one problem with switching, however, is the other *theory* that your body will go through a “transition period” where your body releases excess toxins after many years/decades of your sweat ducts being blocked with aluminium. Again, this is unproven, but oft-reported, with the only solution being to temporarily shower more! In my mind though, that’s another reason why this time has been a good time to make the switch from aluminium-containing anti-perspirants to an aluminium-free deodorant. So I did, and now I’m ready to report the findings!

I’ve been using the Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Deodorant, which is alcohol and aluminium-free, and which with its 1% Tea Tree Oil claims to remove odour-causing bacteria. Have I felt more sweaty during the switch? Well yes, but then again I have been more active (because I’ve been working less/out doing daily exercise with the children more) and it’s been boiling hot! Have I needed to shower more as a result? It’s a yes again, but again, I’m pretty sure that I would have been showering more anyway due to the recent heat and my heightened activity levels.

I’m sufficiently impressed that I’ll be sticking with my ABC deodorant and thus going aluminium-free. Other benefits of the product are that it’s one of the very few deodorants that can used directly after underarm waxing, its smell is completely androgynous, meaning that it’s just as suitable for men as it is for women, and I can verify the claims that a little does go a long way, so the 65ml bottle we sell in salon for £7.99 lasts a long time.

I hope that’s of interest to you (and let’s agree to disagree if it’s not!).

Take care
Rebecca at nkd ( )

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