8th April 2020 – Be Selective and Be Sensible

How are you doing?

I imagine that this is a difficult week for many. It feels to me like the #stayathome measures have been in place for so much longer than 2 and a bit weeks. Yet it’s clear that we’re still right at the start of this and nowhere close to being allowed to get back to normal any time soon, so there’s no light at the end of the tunnel – yet. The news is utterly depressing and worrying to watch and there’s little good news to be found, even when you dig deeper into the statistics.

It seems to me that one of the few things we can hang onto right now, however, is that the “peak” is probably hitting this week, and next, just as the modelling predicted it would. If this does turn out to be the case (obviously the peak can’t be confirmed or verified until after it’s happened and rates start to consistently decline), then surely that’s a “good” sign? In my mind, it would show that the modelling is correct and that the experts do know what they’re talking about, what they’re dealing with and what is likely to happen next.

Unfortunately, I reckon there’s a pretty strong chance that general anxiety and worry levels are also peaking around now. I’m lucky enough to be a person of strong constitution and resilience, which are traits that I believe I carry naturally but have been helped along by ten years of running a small business and making my fair share of mistakes along the way.

Yet it’s really hard not to feel concerned or worried when watching the BBC 10 0 Clock News before going to bed each night, which isn’t an emotion that I’m used to feeling as a result of watching the news. So I can’t imagine how I would feel if I was consuming this information all day long as so many people are. But I’ve made a decision not to consume the information all day long, either passively or actively, and I really believe that this conscious decision is helping me to retain a positive mindset.

For example, it’s been a long-standing personal policy of mine to only log onto social media when I have to, for work purposes (and yes, I do actually have to log in with usernames and passwords – I’m 44 and a deliberate dinosaur in this respect!!). I made that decision long ago, mainly because I generally feel mentally bombarded on a daily basis as it is, with the demands that come with simultaneously trying to grow the business and trying to be a good mum to the kids (and I know that any working mother will relate to what I am saying here). So why would I want to add to that pressure, stress, and mental stimulation by throwing social media into the mix? The answer is I wouldn’t, so I don’t.

This enables me to be selective about what news I consume and what enters my psyche. For me personally, it’s important that I remain a) educated and b) informed about what the current situation is. So I make a point of watching the BBC breakfast headlines when I wake up and the 10 O Clock news before I go to bed, and will then hear headlines and/or the daily press conference on the radio during the day. So when you add it up, that’s already a lot of news and I just don’t need to know any more than that. And while I absolutely don’t think that the BBC is free of the scaremongering and sensationalism that is so prolific in our media outlets these days, I reckon it’s about as neutral and sensible as you’re going to get.

So if you are feeling at all anxious or panicked by the current situation, I would say give it a go. Why not try turning your social media feeds off (or even better turning your phone completely off!) for a few hours and only consuming the news from selected outlets on your terms when you’re ready to, and see how much better that makes you feel?

Remember that there’s so much we can be doing here to help ourselves, and sending ourselves mad by checking our phones constantly for updates is absolutely not one of those things.

Try and have a good few days. Until Friday…
Rebecca at nkd ( )

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