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Soothing Body Balm

The final step of any good skincare routine is to rehydrate your skin and what better way to do this that with a superior body balm specifically designed for it’s hydrating properties and designed to feel like a luxurious treat every time you use it! During the development process we tried many different iterations of […]

Cleansing Body Wash

Although a body scrub is a super important part of your skin care routine, it’s too harsh to be used every single day so we always recommend a complimentary and high-quality body wash that can be used in between your skin deep clean! The nkd Cleansing Body Wash is the perfect partner for your shower […]

Exfoliating Body Scrub

The nkd Exfoliating Body Scrub is the first step in our secret to happier skin regime – if you don’t know why a good scrub is so important, you might want to read our article here (link to article about skincare/wax prep) on keeping your skin in tip top condition and getting ready for a […]