25th March 2020 – Whether you think you can or can’t – you’re right.


One of the things that really strikes me about this whole situation is that we’ve essentially been split into a nation of two halves. A huge part of the population is being forced to literally do nothing, with entire workforces – presumably running into hundreds of thousands of workers (or even millions?) – furloughed for the foreseeable future. Another huge part of the population is being run off its feet, put under huge amounts of pressure and strain, and being worked to the bone. (And then there are those of us in the middle, who technically sit in the first category of having “nothing” to do (!) but who in reality have children and/or other dependants to take care of and, if you’re like me,  have a very long list of things that urgently still need to get sorted. The business might be closed but this leaves vast amounts of behind-the-scenes admin to clear up and try and somehow resolve in what feels like an impossible situation right now).

But despite our differing day-to-day circumstances, one thing we’ve all got in common is that a a positive mindset is going to help us get through this period. There’s so much about this whole nightmare of a situation that we are not in control of. But one thing we do all have the ability to control is our mindset and thoughts.

Today is Going to Be a Good Day

I’m a strong believer in the principle that we all get to make the choice that today is going to be a good day. Of course, I exclude from that statement anyone reading this who is critically ill /has a loved one that is critically ill, but statistically, the vast majority of you (and quite probably everyone reading this) does not fall into that category.

I also believe that there are positives to be drawn from any situation if you look hard enough. For me personally, one of these is being given the opportunity to spend a lot more time with my husband and two beautiful children. Ironic as it was, we had a lovely time yesterday during our one allowed exercise outing of the day, ending up on a bike ride in the gorgeous spring sunshine. Ordinarily, during a normal working week, an outing like that would never have happened but that fact it did (and will hopefully happen many more times during this period) is a positive outcome that I feel grateful for.

From a business perspective, I am also holding onto the positives. Yes, we’ve been forced to close and will lose a fair few of our customers during the period. Yes, the business will definitely suffer on a number of levels when we are eventually allowed to re-open. Yes, I still have a million bills and debts that I somehow have to try and carry on paying even though we’re not generating any income at all. And yes my own income has completely dried up in the absence of any real financial support for those of us who are self employed. But still, I am 100% confident that we will get through this as a business and that eventually we will even be strengthened by it. It’s a sad fact that many high-street businesses will fold during this period but my positive mindset allows me to make sure that nkd will not be one of them.

Own your Attitude

The famous quote by Henry Ford “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right” refers exactly to this. As one of the most prolific American industrialists, pioneers and leaders ever, Ford knew that it’s your attitude that largely determines whether you will succeed or fail, not circumstance.

So don’t worry about what you can’t control and instead concentrate on what you can control. Whatever your circumstance, remember that you can control your attitude, you can keep it positive and you can succeed in getting through this period and remaining emotionally and physically strong for the sake of yourself and your loved ones.

Take care
Rebecca at nkd ( )


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