Lashes are the perfect complement to the other treatments on offer at nkd. Because who wants brows to die for without the perfect lashes to go with them? We can offer you a range of eyelash treatments at nkd Nottingham and Leicester, including lash lifting, Lets Go Lashes and eyelash tinting.

nkd ( ) is Nottingham and Leicester’s premier specialist beauty salon destination, providing high-quality lash & brow treatments to men and women in a professional and clean environment.

Our specialist skills mean that nkd’s eyelash treatments give you better results than eyelash treatments from generalist beauty salons, which do not typically employ experts and tend to be jacks of all trade but masters of none. Furthermore, our friendly team are so knowledgeable that their detailed aftercare advice will ensure you get the best results for weeks after your eyelash treatment with us.

nkd – we use our experience to enhance yours.

Lashes are the perfect complement to the other treatments on offer at nkd. Because who wants brows to die for without the perfect lashes to go with them? We can offer you all of the latest and best eyelash treatments at nkd Nottingham, including semi-permanent eyelash extensions, LVL Lashes, Lets Go Lashes and eyelash tinting.

Eyelash treatments and prices

Lash Lift£55.00
Lash Lifting is the stunning alternative to eyelash extensions, designed to enhance your natural eyelashes by making them appear longer, thicker and fuller without the need for lash extensions

Lash Lift*with eyebrow Tint£62.50
Eyelash tint

Lash & Brow Tint* & Brow Wax£30.00
Eyebrow tint & wax + eyelash tint

Strip Lashes£10.00
Reusable strip Lets Go Lashes for one day/night. Can be applied at home or in salon.

Cluster Lashes£25.00
Cluster Lets Go Lashes are achieved by weaving and adhering small clusters of lashes to your natural lashes. Can last for the weekend or for up to 3 – 4 days.

HD Brows* with Lash Tint*£40.00
HD Brows with an eyelash tints.

*A patch test is required at least 24 hours prior to all first-time tinting and LVL/lash lifting treatments.

You should never underestimate the difference that a good set of lashes can make to your face. Not least because well-conditioned, healthy-looking eyelashes can take years off your appearance. It’s a little known fact that eyelashes and eyebrows deteriorate as we age, starting from our mid to late 20s. Just like our skin and hair, lashes and brows get thinner, sparser and more brittle as the years pass by, and the colour fades out of them.

But which eyelash treatment to have? These days there are so many and not all treatments are suitable for all women. Factors to take into account are your time and budget constraints, your general lifestyle and the level of at-home aftercare and maintenance you are prepared to commit to. For more detail on all eyelash treatments offered at nkd, read the individual treatment pages for each treatment and our treatment-specific FAQs. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions before booking your lash appointment at nkd.

In addition to our wide range of lash treatments, nkd Nottingham also offers a number of excellent lash enhancement products, which are ideal for you if you want lower-maintenance but highly-effective solutions. These include the amazing RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner, which really does make your natural lashes longer, thicker and fuller, and Magnifibres, which you apply between mascara coats to instantly lengthen your natural lashes by up to 5mm.

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