Friday 20th March 2020 – nkd ( ) checking in and keeping you sane


Of course we want to keep on reminding everyone that nkd is still very much open and trading, as we absolutely can’t afford for all our amazing clients who we’ve worked so hard to find and nurture over the years to forget about us during this spell of craziness. We realise that many of you may not be visiting in the foreseeable future, but we hope that once this is all over, you will come back and see us again and get back into your regular routine of getting nkd every 4 – 6 weeks.

But I also want to talk personally, from one person trying to navigate these unchartered waters to another. In the ten plus years that nkd has now been trading, I believe I’ve learnt a thing or two about keeping a cool head in a crisis, as well as some other important life lessons which I hope might be helpful to others during this situation.

I’d love for you to read these updates and join me in this journey, and if you think what I have to say could be useful to others, then please do nudge them our way.

I would also love to hear back from you if you have any comments (good or bad – but if bad please be nice!) about what I have to say. Of course, anything I write is my personal opinion and I fully expect some of you to disagree with it. In the short time that this situation has been going on, we’ve already seen in the salons that clients have very differing views about how we should be dealing with the problem and what we should be doing and saying. We know that we can’t please everyone – and as a business we’ve never tried to – and I am taking exactly the same stance with these updates.

I promise to try and say the words CORONAVIRUS, COVID-19 AND PANDEMIC as infrequently as possible over the coming months. Likewise if you have any upcoming appointments in one of the salons or are planning to book in any time soon, we’re trying hard to encourage our therapists not to make this the sole topic of conversation! They still have a job to do in terms of educating and advising you about the treatment you are booked in for and what you need to do at home to get the best out of your treatment for as long as possible. And in any case, I expect that a lot of you would welcome the opportunity to talk about something different for a short while!

So that’s it for today. It will be a strange weekend for many of us. Lots of us will have so many plans cancelled and lovely things put on hold while others – e.g. those working in the NHS (or on the checkout or stacking shelves at Sainsburys!), will probably be overworked and exhausted. If you’re in the first camp, I’d say make the best of it, try and keep perspective and remember that this is a marathon not a sprint! If you’re in the second camp, then good luck, thank you for your hard work and efforts in keeping the rest of us going and enjoy the sleep/downtime you do manage to get.

Take care for now,
Rebecca at nkd x



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