27th March 2020 – Negativity spreads like a disease.

On Wednesday, I wrote about the power of a positive mindset and how vital it is that we all retain one if we’re to succeed in getting through this period emotionally unscathed.

But for many this will be difficult to achieve in practice in the current circumstances.

For me, it’s an easy drum to bang. I’ve had to draw on the principle more times than I care to remember during the last decade of building up the business. Although nkd hopefully looks and feels like a successful business to most of you dear customers, the reality of getting it past the ten year mark has involved more graft and emotional turmoil than you’d probably imagine (unless you’re a small business owner yourself or you’re unfortunate enough to be married to one ;). And that can only be sustainable over a prolonged period of time if you’re able to remain positive.

Of course, like any new trait, habit or way of thinking, it took practice to maintain this mindset at first, especially when it felt like life was throwing me more than my fair share of bad luck.

But what has also helped is surrounding myself with similar people with a similar mindset. I’ve worked with (and continue to work with) several business coaches and mentors over the years, and they, of course, all think and act in exactly the same way.

Negativity Spreads like a Disease

They say that who you hang around with matters a lot, and that allegedly we are all the average of the five people we spend most time with. Whether that’s true I don’t know, but it certainly stands to reason that if most of your good friends are worriers or pessimists, then you’re highly likely to have a “glass half full” mentality too.

You will already know who the naysayers are, who in your circle is perpetuating the doom and gloom that’s consuming the internet and who is spreading it around your Whatsapp groups and other social feeds, as if it’s fact. And by the way, I’m not suggesting that you start dumping all your besties/shun those closest to you in favour of a new “better” social circle as that would definitely not be a wise strategy right now!

What you can do though is start to be the positive one in your social group. Just as negativity is contagious and spreads like a disease, the good news is that optimism and happiness are catching too. In the current situation, this means not reading/liking/sharing the negative content that appears in your feed as you’re simply encouraging more of it by doing so. Don’t forward on those scaremongering WhatsApp messages. Instead do the responsible thing and choose to keep a positive mindset, and a positive online footprint, for your own benefit and the benefit of others in your social networks and communities.

Listen to the Schnauzer

I reckon what is also OK is to take part in the spreading of amusement and joy by forwarding on the best bits of the light-hearted and silly content you’ll also be receiving in droves (video of bored housewife singing I will Survive in green leotard anyone?! Clip of dog giving Coronavirus advice? (which is my personal favourite so far!) (“I heard you’ve got a crisis with toilet paper, which I don’t really understand. My mummy gets the hair around my poo hole cut really really short so stuff comes straight out. And then my mum just bags it up and bins it. There’s no need for wiping. You humans should try it” – that’s the Schnauzer’s advice, not mine.)

So why not be the one to spread some sunshine today and see what happens?

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