10 for 8 Offer

Get 2 Free Treatments in 2018 with our Limited-Time “10 for the Price of 8” Package!

It’s December at nkd ( ), which means that our Limited-Time “10 for the price of 8” package is back on sale. This gives all clients in Nottingham and Leicester the opportunity to buy a course of 10 waxes or lash & brow treatments – to last you the whole of next year – but only pay for 8 of them. You can think of the two free treatments as a Christmas present from us to you!

The package is available to buy for any treatment or any combination of treatments. For example:

  • The standard full-price of a female Brazilian wax is £33.00. A course of 10 of these would ordinarily cost you £330.00. But in December, you would only pay for 8 of them, at a total cost of £264. This means that each Brazilian wax would cost you just £26.40, which is ridiculously cheap for the quality of treatment you are receiving.
  • A female Full Body Extravaganza waxing treatment costs £70.00. Buying 10 of these would normally cost £700.00. But in December, you can buy the course of 10 treatments for just £560, which is a whopping £140 saving over the year.
  • Or you could combine treatments. For example, a single male full back and shoulders wax usually costs £38.00 per treatment, while an eyebrow wax costs £12.00 per go. Normally, 10 back & brow waxes would cost you £50.00 per visit, or £500.00 for ten of these. In December you would get two free treatments and would thus pay £400 in total, or £40 per visit.

There are loads of benefits of treating yourself to a “10 for 8” package this Christmas, including:

  • They offer significant cost savings compared to buying the treatments individually, and even compared to buying them with a 10%/6-week maintenance discount each time. E.g. with your 10% maintenance discount, a female Brazilian/Hollywood wax would cost you £29.70, but on this deal, the price per treatment is £26.40.
  • You don’t have to worry about returning within your 6-week maintenance discount window. With a package you can use your 10 treatments whenever you like throughout 2018 (as long as they are all used up by the end of the year).
  • You will still get a stamp on your loyalty card for the purchase of the course – and it will be one whopper of a stamp, to eventually put towards an 11th free treatment!
  • Once you’ve purchased this package, that’s your waxing and/or lash & brow needs sorted FOR THE WHOLE OF 2018!!


We’ve now sorted our booking system, so that all 8 treatments you buy, plus the two free treatments, will be loaded onto your account as a pre-paid purchase. That means that any time you wish to use one of them, you can just hop onto our online booking system/your app if you wish and quickly and easily book them in (our normal 24-hour cancellation/appointment change policy still applies).

Basically, the package is an absolute no-brainer for any Nottingham or Leicester client who regularly comes in for a wax or lash & brow treatment. Remember though that it’s only available to buy in December!

About nkd ( )

nkd_waxing_nottingham_logonkd ( ) exists to empower its clients by making them feel comfortable and confident in their own bodies.

Providing high-quality waxing treatments to men and women in a professional and clean environment, our specialist skills mean that nkd waxes are quicker and cause less discomfort than waxes from generalist beauty salons, which do not typically employ experts. Our friendly team is so knowledgeable that their detailed aftercare advice will ensure you get the best results for weeks after your treatment.

nkd also offers the latest lash and brow treatments from its in-house lash & brow bar with the same level of specialist skill and advice.