Lash Extension FAQs

Lash Extension FAQs

These days there are a number of ways you can get longer-looking lashes without the need for eyelash extensions:

LVL Lashes: Now the UK’s most popular lash treatment, LVL is a stunning alternative to eyelash extensions, as a treatment which enhances your natural eyelashes to create the impression of thicker, longer lashes for up to 6 weeks. LVL is great for clients who want a low-maintenance solution and for clients who would not suit a heavier lash look, either because they are pale-skinned and/or fair-haired or because they don’t wear much make-up.

RevitaLash: RevitaLash is a startlingly-effective Advanced Eyelash Conditioner which has the dual effect of making your lashes longer, thicker and fuller (believe us when we say it really does…) while also improving their condition to improve their flexibility, moisture and shine. Used together, RevitaLash and LVL is a stunning combination.

Magnifibres are natural fibres that you apply between mascara coats which instantly lengthen your lashes by up to 5mm. Magnifibres contains conditioning Panthenol and is safe to use with contact lenses.

Lash Tint: A simple eyelash tint is such a quick and cheap solution, yet can make your natural eyelashes look noticeably longer, without the need for any other longer, more expensive and high-maintenance treatments!

  • You will need a patch test at least 24 hours before eyelash tinting and LVL Lash treatments.
  • We take payment in full at the time of booking appointments in order to secure the slot.
  • If we are unable to reach you 24 hours before your appointment and you haven’t had a patch test your appointment will have to be cancelled out of the book. We will try and contact you by telephone and email beforehand to remind you of the need for a patch test, but ultimately it is your responsibility to make sure that you have your patch test in time.
  • Unless you explicitly inform us otherwise, we will assume that you will not have any existing lashes on that will need removing prior to your nkd lash treatment. If this is not the case, we may need to book out extra time to remove your existing lashes which will incur an additional charge.
  • Please try and come to your appointment not wearing any mascara or other eye make-up. The more time we spend removing your eye make-up, the less time we will have to actually carry out the treatment!

Yes, we insist on patch testing all new lash clients prior to their first LVL Lashes and lash tint appointments to check that you are not allergic to any of the products we use. This patch test much be carried out a minimum of 24 hours before your first lash appointment with us.

If you are booked in for other types of lash extensions, e.g. Cluster or Strip Lashes, you will not need a patch test.

LVL Lashes, which creates the illusion of far longer, thicker and fuller lashes without having any extensions applied, is an ideal treatment for any contact lense-wearing clients who are wary of the irritation that lash extensions may cause.

Lash extensions can give a beautiful end result and many women nowadays wouldn’t be without them. However, other women simply find them too high-maintenance to deal with on a daily basis and want an easier solution. Lash extensions can also give quite a dramatic look which isn’t suitable for all women’s general daily lives.

LVL is therefore perfect for clients who want to maximise the potential of their natural lashes and/or who want a beautifully natural everyday look. It’s an extremely low-maintenance solution, which can really minimise the time of your daily getting-ready routine, as your lashes are already ready-curled when you get up. It’s also perfect for clients who either do not wear a lot of make-up and would not suit a heavier lash look and/or those who are pale-skinned and/or fair haired and so would not suit a heavier lash look.

On the other hand, LVL is not so great for clients who either want a dramatic “WOW look at those lashes” look or who have extremely short natural lashes.

LVL is best-considered as a modern-day lash perm. Traditional lash perm curls the lash back on itself which can actually make your lashes look shorter. LVL straightens the lash upwards directly from the root, which makes the lash look far longer and more dramatic. LVL also includes a lash tint within the treatment, which creates a mascara-type effect to get the appearance of added length and volume to your lashes.

We’ll always try and accommodate walk-in appointments where we can, but the reality is we’re usually so busy that we can’t! This is especially true for the longer appointment times that most lash treatments require. As such, our advice would be to always give us as much notice as you can to avoid disappointment.

If you want a short appointment  – such as an eyebrow wax or thread – then we’ll often be able to fit you in if you pop by (assuming that you’ve already had the necessary patch tests). We do sometimes have other, longer slots, available at short notice on certain days, so it’s always worth giving us a quick call to check.

You can ring 0115 924 1454 and speak to one of our friendly receptionists when we’re open, or leave a message if we’re closed, and we’ll call you straight back the next morning.

You can email us on, with details of which treatment you’d like and when, and we’ll reply ASAP.

You can book an appointment online here, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for with online booking, then we’d recommend that you give us a ring.

Or of course, you can pop by our lovely salon and book in person!

Monday – Thursday 10am – 8pm
Friday 9am – 7pm
Saturday 9am – 6pm
Sunday Closed

During busy times, we may open earlier. E.g. from 9am between Monday –Thursday and from 8am on a Friday and Saturday. If you would specifically like one of these early appointments, then please ask and we’ll see what we can do (advance notice is required).

We also offer breakfast treatments on certain days. These super-early morning/pre-work appointments mean that you don’t have to work a full day inbetween showering and getting nkd – and we’ll buy you breakfast at the end of it (really!). Three breakfast appointment slots are available: 7.30am, 8am and 8.30am. Please note that for all breakfast appointments, a minimum spend of £25 and prepayment in full is required. We don’t offer any discounts for breakfast appointments.

nkd is located in Nottingham city centre at 27 Pelham Street. Pelham Street is the hill that runs up to Hockley, from the city centre. So if you’re walking from the Market Square, you walk up the hill, keeping Zara to your right. You will pass Space NK, Sweaty Betty and Homemade café on your right hand side, and Thurland Street on your left. We’re further up the hill on the left, before you reach Hockley. We’re opposite Wired Café and Bodycraft Tattoo Parlour and next to Michael Levin, the jewellers.

We request payment in advance to secure a specific appointment slot for all treatments booked.

The more notice you can give us please to cancel an appointment the better, but we require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice to cancel or change an appointment. If your appointment is booked on a Monday, the latest you can cancel or change it without incurring any charges is 5pm on a Saturday. Cancellations and appointment changes must be made by email, over the telephone or in person. We are unable to accept appointment cancellations on social media. We’re grateful for your cooperation on this matter.

You need to call us on 0115 924 1454 to keep us informed of your movements. If we can move your appointment time back, we will do, but if we have another client booked in immediately after you and no other therapists are free, we’ll be unable to do this.

Depending on the time of arrival, late arrivals may be offered a reduced treatment or turned away altogether, but you would still be charged in full for the original appointment booked.

If you’re a first-time client, you should arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time to fill out a consultation card. This will involve you giving us your main contact details and any basic medical details we need to know about (e.g. whether you have sensitive skin or any known allergies, whether you’re pregnant, etc). Your therapist may speak to you about the information you have given us on this card in in the privacy of your treatment room before your treatment starts.

For subsequent appointments as a repeat client, we politely request that you arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time to ensure a prompt start.

Yes. We offer 15% to students every Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday and 20% off between 2 and 4pm on those days. There are no student discounts on a Monday, Friday and Saturday. Please bring an up-to-date and valid student card with you to every appointment. We’re sorry, but no student ID, no discount.

We do a range of special offers and promotions, most of which are aimed at rewarding and thanking our existing clients for their loyalty and custom.

Have 10 treatments and your 11th is free: We operate a loyalty scheme whereby once you’ve had ten treatments, your 11th treatment will be on us. Remember to bring your loyalty card with you to every appointment to get a stamp.

Recommend your friends to us and reap the rewards: We’ll put £5.00 credit on your account to spend on treatments for every friend you recommend to us who subsequently comes in for a treatment. As an added bonus, your friend will get 10% off their first treatment as well.

Purchase one of our “Go All the Way and Save” Packages: There are some fantastic savings to be had with our combined waxing, lash and brow packages. For example, you can save £28.00 by buying an LVL Lashes treatment along with HD Brows and a Brazilian/Hollywood wax. The cost of this package is £100, compared to the £128 to buy these treatments separately. There are 5 different packages available with cost savings ranging from £23 – £38 and they’re available to buy all year round.

Buy a mini course of HD Brows or LVL Lashes and save up to £80.00: If you love HD Brows or LVL Lashes, why not purchase a mini course and save yourself up to £80.00? A single HD Brows treatment costs £35 or £31.50 if you’ve come back within 6 weeks. However, a course of 4 HD Brow treatments costs just £100, which means a brilliant £25 per treatment. Meanwhile, a single LVL Lashes treatment costs £55, or £49.50 with your 6-week maintenance discount. A course of 6 LVLs, which would last you a full year, costs £250, which works out at just £41.67 per treatment, and a saving of £80.00 compared to paying for the treatments individually.

Please note that only one special offer, promotion or discount can be used on any single visit.

For more details of all of these promotions and to read the full terms and conditions, see our special offers page.