Male Waxing – Home Maintenance Tips from a Male nkd ( ) Client.

One of our male waxing regulars and friend, Jon, has got in touch, offering his tips and advice for how nkd’s male clients can maintain and treat the areas you usually get waxed in salon. We are hugely appreciative of the time that Jon has taken to write this. Please read on if the topic is of interest to you, or to a male in your life!

” I thought it may be useful to have a male twist to the advice you have been giving over video and email, so, for what it’s worth, here’s how I’ve been handling the absence of salon visits.

I’m fortunate that I already own an electric male hair clipper* , but for those male clients who don’t own one currently, simple models can be bought on-line for c £20 – £30.

 As you may be aware, all male hair clippers come with a clipper guard, which defines the length of hair. For those unfamiliar with them, these are usually comparable to haircut grades (1-8) at gents’ hairdressers, where Grade 1 is the shortest length (1/8 of an inch in old imperial measurements) and each successive grade is 1/8th longer. Hair clipper intervals generally follow these lengths, but in the metric equivalent – settings will therefore usually start at 3mm (broadly equal to 1/8 inch or Grade 1), and then 6mm, 9mm and so on up to 24mm (just under an inch or Grade 8).

I have already put my trimmer to good use in these lockdown days to trim my chest and abdomen hair (or more accurately, to have it trimmed for me!). In doing so, I followed Louise’s principles of going against the direction of growth to keep the hair short, using settings of 9mm and 12mm, hopefully ensuring that, even if I repeat the trimming, the hair should still be at a length suitable for waxing when the salon re-opens. I also found, as I was using the trimmer, that the direction of growth of male body hair is not straight down the body, but follows a narrow V -shape either side of a central ‘line’ passing through the navel.

I can’t miss out the almost obligatory health and safety warning here – to obviously take care when using the trimmer in sensitive areas. For a male chest hair trim, this means to take particular care in the nipple area – perhaps using the trimmer to go around the nipple, where possible and not over it or having the trimmer on a slightly higher setting for that area.  

The trimmer could obviously also be used on the speedo line or male intimate areas (in temporary lieu of a Brazilian or Hollywood wax) and also on the back, assuming someone else is in the household to assist, but the other elements of the traditional male ‘back, sack and crack’ wax will definitely have to wait until the salon re-opens!

Finally, I am using an electric nose/eyebrow trimmer to control nasal hair growth. Specialist trimmers are available on-line for c£10-£15, which in my view offer an acceptable short term solution while the salons remain closed. 

I hope that you find these thoughts to be of some help or interest to you. Stay safe.


*For reference my hair clipper is a Remington Model HC5356 (which has the advantages that it is cordless when in use and is also washable). While this model appears to no longer be readily available, comparable items exist in the market at c£40, whilst models without one or other of these features cost c£20 – £30. “

And of course it goes without saying that if you would like us to cover any topics that we haven’t yet covered, or submit any advice of your own which you think would be useful and relevant to our wider client base, like our male waxing client Jon has done, then I’d love to hear from you.

I hope you have a nice weekend, and that this beautiful balmy weather provides a little pick-up for you, should you need it.

Until next week
Rebecca at nkd ( )

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