Male Waxing Treatments and Prices

nkd was one of the first beauty salons to bring certain male waxing treatments to Nottingham and we’re confident that we’re still the best.

So how and why do we specialise in the delicate art of male waxing? First of all, take a look at our pricelist below. We challenge you to find another beauty salon in Nottingham that offers as many male waxing treatments as we do!

In terms of body waxing, we wax backs, chests, necks, legs & feet, arms, hands & underarms to name but a few. On the face, we wax brows, nostrils and ears. Meanwhile, our male intimate waxing menu is extensive and in addition to the notorious “Back, Sack and Crack” wax, we offer everything from a basic ‘tidy up’ (Speedo Wax) to absolutely everything off (male Hollywood wax). We even offer Full Body Extravaganza waxes, which is all hair removed from the neck downwards!

nkd was one of the first beauty salons to bring certain male waxing treatments to Nottingham and we’re confident that we’re still the best.

Male Waxing Pricelist



Ears (inside & out)£9.00

Ears & Nostrils£15.00

Full Face (Brows, ears, nostrils)£25.00

Full back & shoulders£38.00
Full back & shoulder wax from T-shirt/collar line down to speedo line.

Upper Back & Shoulders£27.50
Upper half of back & shoulders up to T-shirt/collar line

Up to hair line, down to shoulders.

Lower Back£22.00
Lower half of back down to speedo line (doesn’t include buttocks)

Abdomen & Chest£38.50
Abdomen from top of speedo line and chest up to collarbone (blended)

Stomach – from top of speedo line up to pecs

Upper Body£77.00
Abdomen & chest, full back & shoulders down to speedo line, neck


Half Arm£30.00
Wrist to elbow, including hands & fingers

Full Arm£38.00
Wrist to shoulder (blended), including hands & fingers

Hands & Fingers£9.00
Hand and fingers to wrist (blended)

Half Leg£33.00
Ankle to just above the knees. Includes feet & toes

Full Leg£45.00
Ankle to thigh crease. Includes feet & toes

Feet & Toes£9.00
Feet and toes to ankle (blended)

Full Body Extravaganza£245.00
Full legs & feet. Full arms & underarms. Upper body wax (chest, abdomen, back & neck). Brazilian or Hollywood wax. Buttocks. Basically, all hair removed from the neck downwards!

A basic tidy up of the front area outside of a “speedo” trunk line

Buttock cheeks only

Buttocks & Crack£33.00
Buttock cheeks and butt crack

Pubic Triangle£27.50
Just the pubic triangle area on top of the pubic bone

Scrotum & pubic triangle

Sack & Crack£50.00
Buttock cheeks, crack & scrotum

Buttock cheeks & crack, scrotum, base of penis, leaving a small landing strip or triangle on the pubic bone

All hair removed. Like the Brazilian, but without the landing strip or triangle (all hair removed from that area also).

Important Information

Conduct: nkd is a professional establishment and inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. Please ensure that you respect our therapists by using suitable and non-offensive spoken and body language at all times. We take the safety and security of our staff extremely seriously and the police will be called where necessary.
Prepayments: All treatments must be paid for in full at the time of booking in order to secure your slot.
Cancellation Policy: We require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice please to cancel or change an appointment. If you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice or if you fail to turn up to your appointment, we are unable to refund you for that appointment. We also request a minimum of 24 hours’ notice to change an appointment time. If your appointment is booked on a Monday, the latest you can cancel or change it without incurring any charges is 5pm on a Saturday. Cancellations and appointment changes must be made by email, over the telephone or in person. We are unable to accept appointment cancellations on social media. We appreciate your cooperation on this matter.

Late Arrivals: If you’re a first-time client, you should arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time to fill out a consultation card. If you’re a repeat client, we politely request that you arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time to ensure a prompt start. Depending on the time of arrival, late arrivals may be offered a reduced treatment or turned away altogether, but we reserve the right to charge you in full for the original appointment booked.
Regrowth: Please ensure that you have the necessary hair regrowth. We request that you do not wax, shave or remove the hair in any other way for a minimum of 3 weeks before your appointment. We reserve the right to charge you in full for any appointments booked but not carried out due to insufficient hair growth.

  • I actually enjoy my waxing sessions and we have a great chat whilst being waxed.

    Graeme S

  • I like Jenny's thoroughness and cool professionalism.

    David S

  • The service at NKD is always excellent. I wouldn't go anywhere else for waxing. NKD staff are professional, friendly, and always do an excellent job.

    Stephen J

  • I've never had a bad experience at NKD, all the ladies are that good.

    David C