nkd & Perron Rigot – A Winning Combination

nkd is extremely proud to be the flagship UK Salon Group for Perron Rigot waxes. Owned by the French cosmetics house Thalgo and headquartered in Paris, Perron Rigot has almost 40 years’ expertise in depilatory waxing products and more than 20 patents to its name.

This combination of nkd’s detailed knowledge and skill combined with the best products on the market means that we can deliver the ultimate in waxing treatments, every time.

For example, we begin all of our waxing treatments by sanitising the area with Perron Rigot’s Blue Lotion. Blue Lotion contains refreshing menthol and croton lechleri resin extract, known as ‘Dragon’s Blood’, which is a plant-based ingredient that has strong astringent and anti-bacterial qualities, as well as anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. As well as cleansing the area, and removing any dirt, perspiration or body lotion, Blue Lotion prepares the skin for waxing.

Next, we apply Perron Rigot’s Jasmine Oil to the area. This refined mineral oil has softening and protective properties and creates a highly effective barrier between the skin and the wax. This means that when we remove the wax, you will feel much less “pull” on your skin than with traditional waxes, as the use of oil ensures that the wax is grabbing onto your hairs and not your skin.

Once we actually commence the waxing, the use of Perron Rigot’s revolutionary non-strip wax for all of our intimate waxing gives better results, less discomfort and fewer ingrown hairs compared to intimate waxes carried out by traditional strip wax. (By non-strip wax, we mean that the wax itself is peeled off to remove the hairs, without the need for conventional paper or fabric waxing “strips”. Top tip from nkd – never let anyone near your bikini line with strip wax!)

For most other body parts, including legs, chests, backs etc., we use one of Perron Rigot’s amazing rosin-free, hypoallergenic strip waxes. The non-fragranced wax we’ve chosen has been developed for sensitive skins and gives exceptional results.

Once all of your hair has been removed, we will apply some more of Perron Rigot’s Jasmine Oil. As well as being beautifully hydrating, this oil will remove any sticky wax residue which may be on your skin.

Finally, we’ll finish off with some Perron Rigot Moisturising Milk and Refreshing Gel. These luxurious products soothe, moisturise and calm the skin. Containing honey and mimosa extracts, known for their healing ability in the treatment of skin burns and wounds, the gel also contains menthol to cool, and will leave no sticky residue.

And that’s why nkd and Perron Rigot are a winning combination!