Our must have treatment for 2019…

…HD Brows.

You should never underestimate the difference that a good set of brows can make to your face. Not least because well-conditioned, healthy-looking brows can take years off your appearance. It’s a little known fact that eyelashes and eyebrows deteriorate as we age, starting from our mid to late 20s. Just like our skin and hair, eyelashes and eyebrows get thinner, sparser and more brittle as the years pass by, and the colour fades out of them.

That’s why regular lash and brow appointments are top of the treatment list for all savvy women. This is because they’re among the quickest and cheapest beauty treatments to have these days, but the ones that will make the most dramatic and instantaneous difference to the entire look of your face.

But which brow treatment to have? Should you go for a simple brow wax, thread or tint, or a more comprehensive treatment such as HD Brows? Of course, this depends entirely on your individual time and budget constraints and your desired end result. After all, turning an over-plucked sparse brow into a healthy-looking masterpiece may require some commitment and investment from you over several months in addition to the help we can give you. We therefore recommend that you talk to the expert therapists within nkd’s Leicester and Nottingham brow bars before booking if you are unsure which brow treatment is best for you.

Please also read our brow bar FAQs for more detailed information about the brow treatments and products on offer at nkd Nottingham and Leicester.

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