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Waxing and Beauty Therapist Jobs at nkd

Offering you a Genuine Career & Development Path Within an Exciting, Fast-Paced Chain of Beauty Salons in Nottingham and Leicester

nkd ( ) waxing is a chain of multi-award winning specialist waxing and beauty salons. Trading in Nottingham city centre since 2009 and Leicester city centre since 2017, we aim to offer talented, passionate and committed beauty therapists a rewarding career and development path.

Proud to be the flagship UK salon Group in the UK for Perron Rigot waxes, you must love waxing to work for nkd! Owned by the French cosmetics house Thalgo and headquartered in Paris, Perron Rigot has almost 40 years’ expertise in depilatory waxing products and more than 20 patents to its name. As an nkd therapist, you would also be given the opportunity to offer a range of the latest lash & brow treatments from our inhouse Lash & Brow Bars.

If beauty therapy training is a passion of yours or you have dreams of one day becoming a trainer so you can share your knowledge and passion for the beauty industry with other aspiring beauty therapists, then you may be interested in knowing all about nkd ( ) the waxing & beauty school.

nkd’s beauty industry training academy, which is also endorsed by Perron Rigot, is based out of our successful commercial salons in Nottingham and Leicester. Over the years, we have coached and mentored several of our very best and most talented waxing therapists to help them achieve their dreams of becoming a beauty industry trainer, and we continue to offer this career and training development path to any of our high-performing therapists who are interested. All of the waxing and lash & brow training courses we offer, both to other salon owners and beauty therapists from across the UK, as well as to our own staff, are run by our own extremely talented therapist trainers as well as our Training Managers.

Read on to find out more about what we can offer to you, and what we ask that you offer us in return.

Treatments Offered

Female Intimate Waxing

The most popular treatment we offer by far (and the one we are best known for!) is female Hollywood and Brazilian waxing. Therefore to work for nkd, you need to be 100% comfortable offering this treatment.

Although previous experience & training in the specialist skill of Female Intimate Waxing is preferred, all incoming therapists are put through our intensive inhouse training and certification programme. This means you would be fully nkd intimate wax-trained and certified before being put on column.

Please note that due to the popularity of this treatment at nkd – and the fact that we are first and foremost a chain of specialist waxing salons – we’re unable to offer any therapist positions that do not involve carrying out female intimate waxing.

Male Intimate Waxing

Once you’ve mastered the art of Female Intimate Waxing, you would then be offered training in the even more specialist and advanced waxing skill that is Male Intimate Waxing.

It’s not compulsory for all nkd therapists to be trained in Male Intimate Waxing. However, being trained in and offering Male Intimate Waxing will enhance your earning potential due to the price premium that
this specialist treatment commands.

Interested in working for nkd, but don’t think that male intimate waxing is for you? Then carry on reading to find out whether
we may still be a good fit for each other.

Lash & Brow Treatments

Just like male and female intimate waxing, previous experience & training in different Lash & Brow treatments is preferred but not essential. We can train and certify you inhouse for the
following treatments:

We welcome HD-Brow trained therapists and we regularly pay for our own therapists to gain external HD Brow training.

Meet Some Of Our Existing Talent


Sarah joined nkd ( ) Leicester as Senior Waxing & Beauty Therapist in 2017. As an already experienced therapist with years of industry experience under her belt, Sarah was a dream to recruit and train.

In the 5 years that Sarah has so far worked with us, we have provided inhouse training to upskill Sarah in the following areas; Brow Lamination; Henna Brows; Lash Lifting; Eyebrow & Facial Threading; and Male Intimate Waxing.

We have also invested in external HD Brow training for Sarah and we have coached and mentored her to become a fully qualified and certified beauty industry trainer, so she can pass on her own decades of experience and knowledge to others!

More than five years on from joining, Sarah is now a trainer for nkd ( ) the Waxing and Beauty School, alongside running an extremely busy column (if there was ever a therapist in demand, it is Sarah!)


When Macie joined nkd, back in the summer of 2021, she was fresh out of college having just passed her NVQ Level 2 in Beauty Therapy. Ironically, we often find it easier to train college-leavers than therapists with existing salon experience, due to the fact that college-leavers haven’t yet picked up lots of bad waxing habits!

Fast forward a year and despite this being her first job in beauty, Macie is now one of our most heavily-requested waxing & beauty therapists at nkd ( ) Nottingham.

She’s an absolute demon male and female intimate waxer, and her Henna Brow results are to die for 🙂

In fact, such is Macie’s talent and passion for waxing, that she has already been fast-tracked onto our “train the trainer” inhouse coaching programme. This means that little over a year from joining us as a college-leaver, Macie is now training other beauty therapists and salon owners how to wax like the experts do, and how to get the kind of on-trend Lash & Brow results that todays’ clients are looking for.


Princess actually joined nkd in the summer of 2022, after signing up to a “Beginners’ Waxing” course at nkd the waxing & beauty school earlier on in the year. Prior to this, Princess had no prior experience or training in the beauty industry, having been working for a fast-food chain for the previous 5 years.

What Princess lacked in existing beauty industry knowledge and experience, she more than made up for with the transferable skills she had gained in her previous career. These included an excellent understanding of what great customer service looks like, good organisation and prioritisation skills, and bags of resilience.

As soon as we interviewed Princess, her admirable work ethic, fantastic attitude and passion for beauty shone through. After an intensive inhouse training programme, and loads of hard work on both our side and hers, Princess quickly took on a busy column of happy clients and hasn’t looked back since!

Our experience with Princess just goes to show that great attitude trumps great experience any day (it’s relatively easy to teach technical waxing skills but it’s not so easy to teach someone how to have a good attitude and a thirst for
self-improvement and learning!).


Louise has been head of Treatments, Training & Quality Standards at nkd since 2018, as well as heading up nkd ( ) the waxing & beauty school.

In a previous life, Louise held Assistant Manager and Training roles at Steiner, the world-leading cruise line. Known for their exceedingly high professional standards, this means that Louise has decades of global spa experience that she’s been able to bring to us and implement at nkd.

In fact, it’s thanks in no small part to Louise’s dedication to high-quality training and an ongoing focus on maintaining a professional work environment that nkd has always been able to set its self apart from other high-street salons in this respect. This includes an incredibly strong ongoing focus on making sure that our whole team – regardless of rank or role – follow the Core Values and Golden Rules that help us keep our clients so happy and which enable us to keep nkd a pleasant, healthy, productive and fun working
environment for all.

When not working hard to achieve all of the above, Louise can often be seen on stage at the UK’s biggest beauty shows, either giving waxing demonstrations or talking
about other industry matters.

Core Values

nkd ( ) has a mission to provide high-quality waxing and lash & brow treatments to everyone with a particular expertise in the art of male and female intimate waxing. We do this because we want our clients to feel comfortable and confident in their own bodies.

To achieve this, we need everyone in our team to display the following Core Values – at all times.


nkd therapists are not run-of-the-mill beauty therapists.

We are experts and masters of our trade and we take every opportunity we can with our clients to demonstrate the level of skill and knowledge that we possess.


We believe that every client has the right to feel comfortable and confident in themselves.That’s why everyone is welcome at nkd.

We’re equally open minded and supportive of our colleagues and workmates.



We believe that every client has the right to feel comfortable and confident in themselves.That’s why everyone is welcome at nkd.

We’re equally open minded and supportive of our colleagues and workmates.



We’re passionate about the nkd brand and offer and the reasons behind why we do what we do.

We’re passionate about helping clients understand the importance of a regular treatment routine.

What Other Qualities do we Look for?

First and foremost, we look for waxing & beauty therapists with a great attitude! You may not be the best waxer in town (yet!), but you’ll be willing to try your hardest to quickly become one, with plenty of help, support and training from us along the way.

Other attributes we look for in our therapists are:


We really do see it all at nkd. 70% of our treatments involve Brazilians and Hollywoods (and when we say we take it all off, we mean ALL of it off!), including lots of lovely men in for male intimate waxing. Safe to say this job is not for prudes! No matter who you are treating, you will be naturally want to provide the highest possible levels of customer service, on which nkd prides itself, at all times.

Confident and Authoritative:

Understanding that to get the best results from their wax there are certain steps that that your customers must take at home in between treatments to keep themselves smooth and bump-free, we need you to have the ability – and willingness – to educate your clients about this in a confident and authoritative manner. This includes advising them on which aftercare products they need to consider, when they should rebook their next appointment for, and which pricing or package
option is best for them.

Self-Motivated, Hard Working and Resilient

Waxing isn’t for wimps! Waxing all day can be extremely tiring and physical – however it can be worth it when you work for a great company – especially when significant amounts of treatment commission are up for grabs for our most productive therapists! With that in mind, we don’t want or expect to have to be on your back all the time. Instead, we expect you to show initiative and keep yourself busy and useful whilst at work. Finally, we need you to be able to take constructive criticism from clients (or your managers) on the chin when received. Continually asking for feedback from our clients is a huge and very important part of our business as it’s the only way we can keep on getting better, and as long as we learn from that feedback, no one needs to take it personally.


Our salons are open until 8pm some nights in the week and we’re of course open every Saturday too. Everyone needs to do their fair share of these shifts meaning that unfortunately we’re unable to offer “school-hour only” contracts.

What Do we Offer You in Return?

To secure fantastic therapists, we know that we have to offer fantastic benefits. With this in mind, we’ve worked hard to develop an attractive package which we hope will entice the very best beauty therapists in the East Midlands to come and work for nkd.

Sorry, but We’re Not Right for Each Other If….

Still Reading? We’d LOVE to Hear from You!

We’re always on the lookout for talented and passionate waxing and beauty therapists at nkd as well as keen to speak to any rising stars (even if you haven’t yet graduated from college). So why not get in touch?

Full- and part-time positions are often available all year round in both of our salons.

Just fill out the form below, giving us 3 good reasons why we should consider employing you, plus any other information you’d like to share at this stage, and someone from our friendly and welcoming management team will get in touch soon.

Not a beauty therapist but interested in working for nkd?
We’ll be honest we don’t generally have that many non-treatment roles available, but they do exist! If you think you could do a fantastic job as an nkd Salon Manager, receptionist and FoH help, or back office help, then please do get in touch and tell us a bit more about yourself too!

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