HD Brows

If you’re looking for HD Brows in Nottingham or Leicester then you’ve come to the right place. Over the years that we’ve been offering this popular treatment, we’ve built up a mountain of in-house expertise, which we’re ready to apply to make your brows the best they’ve ever looked.

So what are HD Brows? HD Brows are the ultimate in well-groomed, high-definition eyebrows. Unlike other eyebrow treatments that use a ‘one shape fits all’ technique, your HD Brow stylist will assess your face shape and colouring before creating a bespoke brow, tailored exclusively for you. The unique seven-step HD Brow procedure involves a combination of techniques, including tinting, waxing, threading and make-up application to create an amazingly precise shape.

Our specialist skills mean that nkd’s HD Brow treatments will give you better results than HD Brows from generalist beauty salons, which do not typically employ experts and tend to be jacks of all trade but masters of none. Furthermore, our friendly team are so knowledgeable that their detailed aftercare advice will ensure that your brows will continue to look impeccable for weeks after your HD Brow treatment with us.

nkd – we use our experience to enhance yours.

If you’re looking for HD Brows in Nottingham then you’ve come to the right place. nkd was one of the first city centre salons to offer HD Brows in Nottingham and we’re confident that you’ll find us the best. Over the years that we’ve been offering this popular treatment, we’ve built up a mountain of in-house expertise, which we’re ready to apply to make your brows the best they’ve ever looked.

HD Brows treatments and prices

HD Brows*£35.00
An intricate seven-step procedure, including a variety of depilation, colouring and make-up techniques, to create the ultimate in “High Definition” brows.

HD Brows* with Lash Tint*£40.00
HD Brows with an eyelash tint

HD Brows* with Lash Lift*£80.00
HD Brows and a Lash Bomb Lash Lift

*A patch test is required at least 24 hours prior to all first-time HD Brow and Lash Lifting treatments.

“What is HD Brows?” is one of the most commonly-asked questions at nkd and it’s a great question because no set of HD Brows is the same. Because our therapists are such brow experts, they’ll be able to advise you on what kind of brows will best suit your face shape and lifestyle.

We recommend that before booking in for your first HD Brow appointment with nkd, you read the information on this website, including our HD Brows FAQs and our list of the top five results you can – and can’t – expect from HD Brows. We hope that the information we’ve provided here will help you to get the best from your HD Brow treatment at nkd Nottingham or Leicester and help you to understand what to expect from your first HD Brow appointment.

Common misconceptions about HD Brows include that it’s a permanent treatment and that one treatment will instantly make your brows thicker. Neither of these statements are true! In our opinion, HD Brows is best viewed as a course of treatments, which over time will help you achieve your desired brow look, as opposed to a single, one-off treatment.

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What our clients say

  • Ysa L10th October 2019

    Pretty great visit, had my eyelashes lifted and my eyebrows waxed and tinted and the lady who did it was so gentle and nice, so In love with my eyelashes, thank you!

  • Yasmine K14th October 2019

    I got a lash lift done at the NKD waxing in Notts and I love how they turned out! Nicole was so friendly and professional and I'm definitely going to be back again 😀 I also love that they let you book appointments online so you don't have to wait to make a call to book in. 10/10 thank you!

  • Hafsa P24th October 2019

    Very friendly staff. Made me feel very comfortable and happy. Sarah was lovely, she talked me through everything. I felt no pain! Definitely would recommend!

  • Mariliis K25th October 2019

    Highly professional, swift and thorough! The best waxing salon in the county.

  • Zoe E31st October 2019

    The service has always been excellent, Nicole is a wonderful therapist and I have always been very pleased with her work. The staff are very knowledgeable, and friendly.

  • Abbie OC9th November 2019

    Kerby was really friendly & took a lot of time & care whilst doing my treatments. In the past people have rushed & I've found there's things that aren't quite right but I was really happy with how everything turned out that she did! I'm also quite shy with new people & she made me feel at easy, which is always nice!

  • Megan Cornhill12th November 2019

    Everyone pays incredible attention to each client, everyone remembers you and makes the effort to make you comfortable and welcome even before and after treatment! During training so much support was given to those learning whilst not forgetting the needs of the client! All round a wonderful place with a wonderful group of people.

  • Emma B12/11/15

    I really enjoyed my HD Brow appointment. My therapist explained the process as she performed the treatment and recommended how to apply make up to recreate the same look at home in between my treatments.

  • Carly A15/12/15

    Lovely group of ladies at nkd, extremely friendly but very professional also.

  • Samantha H14/1/15

    Nkd is a really professional salon where you are always made to feel completely at ease. Would definitely recommend.

  • Louise T30/12/15

    I'm a big fan of nkd - I've  been coming for nearly four years. I now commute from living in London to get a treatment with you. Thanks!