Female Waxing Prices

Basic bikini wax£15.00
Whatever sprouts out the side and top of a normal pair of knickers (Knickers on during treatment)

G-string wax£22.00
Whatever sprouts out the top and side of a G-string pair of knickers. Higher cut than a basic bikini wax but far less than a Brazilian (Knickers on during treatment)

Hollywood wax£33.00
Completely bare – all hair removed from your pubic bone, labia, perineum and anus (Knickers off during treatment)

Brazilian wax£33.00
All hair removed from your labia, perineum and anus, leaving a landing strip of hair on top of your pubic bone.

Half leg wax£22.00
Ankle to just above the knee. Includes toes

Full leg wax£33.00
Ankle to thigh crease. Includes toes

Full leg & Brazilian/Hollywood wax£66.00
Ankle to thigh crease. Includes toes. Plus a Brazilian or Hollywood wax

Under arm wax£12.00
Armpit and any stragglers

Half arm wax£18.00
Forearms – wrist to elbow

Full arm wax£27.50
Whole arms – wrist to shoulder

Full body extravaganza wax£70.00
Either Brazilian/Hollywood wax + full leg wax + underarms or Brazilian/Hollywood wax + half leg wax + underarms + 1 area of face (e.g. brows or upper lip).

Eyebrow wax£12.00

Upper lip wax£8.00

Chin wax£8.00

Lip & Chin wax£14.00

Full Face£35.00
Eyebrows, upper lip, chin, sides of face, forehead

Las Vegas (Vajazzle)£10.00 extra
The addition of strategically-placed jewels for added sparkle, to be combined with your bikini wax of choice. Otherwise known as a Vajazzle. Numerous vajazzle designs available in salon.*

Stencil Shapes£15.00 extra
Why not swap your landing strip for a shape? Heart, Star, Arrow, X, Horseshoe, Bow Tie, Lightning Bolt & Tulip shapes available. To be added on to a Brazilian/G-string wax only.**

*Stick-on jewels should last for up to 4 days. However, this depends on a number of factors, including how often the area is washed, and whether you wear very tight clothing. No oil-based products can be used on the area, as these will lift the adhesive. nkd will only replace jewels that come off on the same day of your treatment.
**Full pubic regrowth is necessary for stencil shapes to be effective.

Male Waxing Prices



Ears (inside & out)£9.00

Ears & Nostrils£15.00

Full Face (Brows, ears, nostrils)£25.00

Full back & shoulders£38.00
Full back & shoulder wax from T-shirt/collar line down to speedo line.

Upper Back & Shoulders£27.50
Upper half of back & shoulders up to T-shirt/collar line

Up to hair line, down to shoulders.

Lower Back£22.00
Lower half of back down to speedo line (doesn’t include buttocks)

Abdomen & Chest£38.50
Abdomen from top of speedo line and chest up to collarbone (blended)

Stomach – from top of speedo line up to pecs

Upper Body£77.00
Abdomen & chest, full back & shoulders down to speedo line, neck


Half Arm£30.00
Wrist to elbow, including hands & fingers

Full Arm£38.00
Wrist to shoulder (blended), including hands & fingers

Hands & Fingers£9.00
Hand and fingers to wrist (blended)

Half Leg£33.00
Ankle to just above the knees. Includes feet & toes

Full Leg£45.00
Ankle to thigh crease. Includes feet & toes

Feet & Toes£9.00
Feet and toes to ankle (blended)

Full Body Extravaganza£245.00
Full legs & feet. Full arms & underarms. Upper body wax (chest, abdomen, back & neck). Brazilian or Hollywood wax. Buttocks. Basically, all hair removed from the neck downwards!

A basic tidy up of the front area outside of a “speedo” trunk line

Buttock cheeks only

Buttocks & Crack£33.00
Buttock cheeks and butt crack

Pubic Triangle£27.50
Just the pubic triangle area on top of the pubic bone

Scrotum & pubic triangle

Sack & Crack£50.00
Buttock cheeks, crack & scrotum

Buttock cheeks & crack, scrotum, base of penis, leaving a small landing strip or triangle on the pubic bone

All hair removed. Like the Brazilian, but without the landing strip or triangle (all hair removed from that area also).

Brow Bar Prices

Eyebrow wax£12.00
A ten-minute brow waxing tidy-up

Eyebrow thread£12.00
A ten-minute brow threading tidy-up

Eyebrow maintenance thread £10.00
A maintenance thread for clients who return within 3 weeks of their previous brow thread

Brow tint*£12.00
Eyebrow tint

Lash tint*£15.00
Eyelash tint


HD Brows*£35.00

An intricate seven-step procedure, including a variety of depilation, colouring and make-up techniques, to create the ultimate in “High Definition” brows. 40 – 50 minutes treatment time

Course of 4 HD Brows*£100.00
A course of 4 HD Brow treatments, valid for 5 months from purchase, saving £40.00 compared to buying the treatments individually


Combi treatments and prices

Lash and brow tint£22.50
Save money by having your lashes and brows tinted together

Brow tint and reshape*£20.00
A brow tint plus a brow wax or thread, saving 20% compared to the individual treatment prices

Lash and Brow tint and brow shape*£26.00
Lash tint, brow tint plus a brow wax or thread, saving you £8.50

*A patch test is required at least 24 hours prior to all first-time tinting and HD Brow treatments.

Lash Bar Prices

Lash tint*£15.00
Eyelash tint

Strip Lashes£10.00
Reusable strip Lets Go Lashes for one day/night. Can be applied at home or in salon.

Cluster Lashes£25.00
Cluster Lets Go Lashes are achieved by weaving and adhering small clusters of lashes to your natural lashes. Can last for the weekend or up to one week.

LVL Lashes*£55.00
LVL Lashes are the stunning alternative to eyelash extensions, designed to enhance your natural eyelashes by making them appear longer, thicker and fuller without the need for lash extensions.

Course of 6 LVL Lashes*£250.00
A course of 6 LVL Lash treatments, valid for 12 months from purchase. With this package, each LVL Lash treatment costs £41.67 compared to £55.00 if you buy the treatments individually.

Combi treatments and prices

Lash and brow tint*£22.50
Save money by having your lashes and brows tinted together

Lash & brow tint & brow shape*£26.00
Lash tint, brow tint plus a brow wax or thread, saving you £8.50

*A patch test is required at least 24 hours prior to all first-time tinting and HD Brow treatments.