Abbey Louisa Rose reviews “The Big One” at NKD

After having the pleasure of her company at our Leicester salon opening in October last year, we decide to invite blogger Abbey Louisa Rose to experience our ultimate treatment package – “The Big One” which includes:


Lash Lift (plus semi-permanent mascara

“The process of having the lashes permed and tinted obviously requires up-close-and-personal work on your eyes, manoeuvring the lashes into the right position and applying the various tints and perming products. It can be a little disconcerting because you can’t see a lot of what is going on, but Charlotte who carried out my treatment was very kind and professional, explaining each step as she went along. My favourite part of the process was definitely the lovely head massage that I received as my lashes were being tinted! After the lash lift, I was also given the option of having semi-permanent mascara added. I went for the recommended blue-black option as this supposedly makes your lashes stand out more, and it certainly does! The semi-permanent mascara lasts around 3 weeks, while the LVL lash lift lasts between 4-8 weeks, certainly enough to last you through the whole party season.”

HD Brows

“The lovely Yass treated me to my very first set of HD brows! The process involved tinting, waxing, threading, and plucking to achieve a perfectly defined shape. The tint picked up all of the light blonde hairs in my brows which aren’t usually visible, creating a thicker look. Waxing provided a nice angle, followed by trimming and threading to tidy up and pluck out any strays. What I particularly liked about this treatment was that Yass was able to entirely personalise it to take account of my preferences – I like to keep a natural shape for my brows and Yass was able to do just that.”


Brazilian/Hollywood or Full Leg Wax

Since the launch event, I’ve been back to NKD a couple of times as a paying customer for their intimate waxing treatments because they’re the best I’ve ever had! NKD is a flagship brand for Perron Rigot hot waxes, which are a whole lot more gentle than your standard strip wax. NKD‘s hot waxes shrink wrap around the hair and do not pull on the skin, making the experience way less painful! Protective layers of Jasmine oil are also regularly applied to the skin during treatment, creating a conditioning barrier between skin and wax. I will definitely keep going back to NKD for these waxes as they’ve never let me down!”

You can read Abbey Louisa Rose’s review of “The Big One” in full here.

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