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Get Smooth, Soft Skin With A Worry-Free Introduction To Waxing Through Nkd’s Trusted Wax Virgin Programme

It’s natural to feel nervous about your first time. At nkd, our expert waxing specialists ensure there’s no need to be. With 4 waxing appointments over the course of 4 months and a host of other discounts and benefits, our Wax Virgin Programme makes the
entire hair removal process (and your skin) as smooth as can be.

 *100% Satisfaction guaranteed.
You’ve got nothing to lose (except your hair)!

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Hair Removal Aftercare Products for All Over
Wherever you choose to remove your hair from, and however you choose to remove it, (nkd)’s range of luxurious aftercare products will leave you & your skin feeling amazing. All Over.
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Hair Removal Aftercare Products for Everyone
We don’t care who you are, how you identify, to what extent you remove your hair or how you choose to remove it. We just want to provide great products which help you feel better about yourself after all forms of hair removal.
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Wouldn’t Life be Great if You Had Smoother Skin with Minimal Effort?

Imagine if you never had to worry again about coarse, thick, itchy stubble or shaving rash on your legs, around your bikini line and under your arms? Wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to enjoy that feeling of soft, smooth, hair-free skin for weeks on end – as opposed to days (or even hours) – after you’ve shaved?

If you’re someone who regularly removes your unwanted body hair, you’ve probably considered other options. Problem is, laser hair removal is so expensive, especially considering that it doesn’t usually last forever. Hair removal creams can burn your skin – and smell awful! And razors – well, the less said about them the better! They leave you with fast-growing and uncomfortable stubble, even MORE hair than you started off with, as well as embarrassing and unsightly shaving rashes.

Waxing is a great solution because it takes far less time, is affordable, and helps you achieve finer, softer, hair so that you never have to deal with itchy stubble again.

Maybe You’re Curious About Waxing But Haven’t Yet Been Brave Enough To Get Started?

Maybe you’ve always wondered about waxing but so far haven’t given it a go? Or maybe you have tried it before but just didn’t get the results you hoped for? Even worse, you might have tried waxing at another salon and had a bad experience?

Have you ever said (or thought) any of these things to yourself?

At nkd ( ), we help you overcome these fears. We’ll make you feel completely at ease and help you get the best possible results from your waxing routine. Our spotless salons and friendly therapists allow you to enjoy smooth, hair-free skin without the stress.

What Our Clients Say

Introducing The Wax Virgin Programme: Your Worry-Free Path To Smooth, Hairless Skin

Whether you’re new to waxing, have had a negative experience elsewhere, or have just never got into the ideal wax routine, nkd’s Wax Virgin Programme can help you. Our tried and tested programme of 4 wax appointments over 4 months will give you the smoother skin and finer, softer, sparser hair growth
you’ve been longing for.

Our exceptional therapists have done this thousands of times with people who have never been waxed before. We’ll make waxing a pleasant experience for you so that you feel more confident and happier in your own skin.

You Name It, We’ve Waxed It

Unwanted body hair (especially in intimate and private areas) can be a sensitive topic. It’s perfectly natural to feel shy, embarrassed, or scared when exposing your body to someone you don’t know. That’s where the unique skills of our highly-trained, kind, and compassionate waxing specialists come in. Our therapists will put you at ease with their expert, non-judgmental, and professional approach to treatments.

We’ve been removing hair from all body parts for people of all ages, sizes, ethnicities, and genders (no matter how you identify!) for many years now. Unlike generalist beauty salons you may have tried before, at nkd, waxing is what we do all day, every day.

Our clients tell us how comfortable they feel from the moment they step into our spotless salons and meet our
friendly and welcoming teams. You’ll be delighted by how efficient yet thorough your therapist is at removing
your hair with minimal pain and minimum fuss. All while treating you with complete dignity and respect.

For Pain-Free And Successful Waxing, Consistency Is Key

You wouldn’t expect immediate results from a single session at the gym. In the same way, you need to gradually train your hair into a regular growth cycle to get the best out of waxing both in terms of minimising pain and staying smoother for longer.

That’s why we guide you through 4 appointments over 4 months with the Wax Virgin Programme. Once you start to follow a routine, your hair does too. And once your hair growth cycle is in a good routine, you will start to stay smoother, for longer, in between appointments. That’s why if you want to enjoy smooth, hair-free skin for as long as possible in the summer, we recommend you follow a regular waxing routine all year round.

Another huge benefit of regular waxing is that it hurts less the more you do it! Trust us – waxing 4 to 5 week regrowth is quicker and hurts far less than waxing 6 to 8 week regrowth.

Don’t Let Previous Waxing Experiences Get You Down

If you’ve had a waxing experience in the past that was unbearably painful or gave bad results (like noticing hair growing back too quickly or suffering from ingrowns), it was likely due to inferior techniques, products or aftercare advice.

At nkd ( ), our therapists use the correct type of wax for the type of hair being removed and are skilled at pulling hairs from the root, not just snapping them at the surface. We also teach you the best ways to keep your open hair follicles clean post-wax and advise you on aftercare practices and products to use at home for the best results.


Try The Wax Virgin Programme Risk-Free

Afraid of commitment? We’re not here to pressure you. We’re confident your first waxing experience will go, well, smoothly! You may be surprised to learn how many clients tell us that they actually enjoy and look forward to their waxes at nkd ( ).

We invite you to book your first wax with us. After this first appointment, it’s up to you whether this will be a one-time fling or a long-term relationship. If you decide to stick with us, you can sign up to Wax Virgin there and then.

This will allow you to enjoy a 15% discount on any other treatments or products you purchase for the four months that you are a nkd ( ) Wax Virgin AND you’ll get a complimentary treatment once you graduate from Wax Virgin to Wax Pro!

In the unlikely case that you decide the programme is not for you, no hard feelings! You’ll just pay
for the one-off appointment you’ve had and we’ll part as friends.

So what are you waiting for? You’ve got nothing to lose!

Still a little nervous? Keep reading to find out what else we can offer to help put your mind at ease ahead of your first wax.

4 Painless Steps To Being Smooth And Hair-Free: How The Wax Virgin Programme Works In Detail

Step 1: Speak to a Member of Our Friendly Team (Optional)

We understand that some clients are more nervous than others about losing their waxing virginity. If you’re not quite ready to book your first appointment, get in touch to speak with one of our specialists instead to ask any questions you have. We’ll do everything we can to put your mind at ease and help you decide whether waxing/Wax Virgin is for you or not!

Step 2: Suss out the Salons (Optional)

If you’d like to see where the magic happens ahead of time, you are welcome to visit our award-winning salons for a tour of our hygienic and stylish premises. Chat with some of our friendly team to get an idea of how pleasant yet professional we are and browse our top-of-the-line products. Like the phone consultation, this step is optional, but we know from experience that visiting our salons before booking can help put nervous minds at ease.

Step 3: Attend 4 Pleasant Appointments Over 4 Months

Any discomfort you may feel at the beginning of your Wax Virgin journey will disappear along with your hair over time – you will most likely even come to enjoy waxing! Our therapists provide helpful information about waxing pre and post care for long-lasting results and bump-free skin. Plus, enjoy your 15% discount on other services and products during the 4 months that you are a Wax Virgin. Oh and remember, you can book your first appointment without committing to the entire program.

Step 4: Enjoy the Results and Access Discounted
Prices for Future Visits

Congratulations, having had your first 4 waxes, you’re now a Waxing Pro! To celebrate your graduation from the Wax Virgin Programme, enjoy a free brow treatment of your choice (or a selection of other complimentary treatments if
brows aren’t your thing).

Now that you’ve experienced longer-lasting hair-free skin and progressively-finer regrowth, we’ll invite you to continue with a new waxing package so that you can keep enjoying these benefits at a significantly discounted rate.

What Our Clients Say

Here’s What You Get When You Join The Wax Virgin Programme

This programme is designed to help people just like you – those who are eager to enjoy the benefits of waxing but haven’t got around to it. We provide a comfortable introduction to a powerful routine that will have you going from Wax Virgin to Wax Pro in just 4 months!

When you enrol in the Wax Virgin programme, you’ll get 4 wax treatments of the same kind at 4-to-5-week intervals. In addition to these regular waxing appointments, you get:

See What Our Happily Hair-Free Clients Have To Say

 Find out why our clients come back again and again…

We’re All About Minimal Discomfort. Minimal Embarrassment. Minimal Fuss…

Join The Wax Virgin Programme And Enjoy Smooth, Soft & Hair-Free Skin For Longer With Less Effort!

Now you’ve seen that waxing is the best hair removal option for training your hair into a growth pattern that produces softer, finer & sparser hair over time. And you know why nkd ( ) is uniquely qualified to give you the best possible waxing experience you’ll ever have!

All that’s left to do is take the plunge and book in for your first appointment to see what all the fuss is about!

Wax Virgin Programme FAQs

Any of the following female body and intimate waxing treatments (including combinations) are up for grabs:

  • Brazilian wax 30min (£37) (All hair removed from the front all the way round to the back, leaving a landing strip or triangle of hair on top)
  • Hollywood wax 30min (£37) (completely bare – ALL hair removed)
  • Full leg wax 30min (£37) (Ankle to thigh crease, including toes)
  • Half leg wax 20min (£24.50) plus either a Basic Bikini 10min (£18.50) (whatever sprouts out the side of a normal pair of knickers) or a G-String bikini wax 20min (£24.50) (higher-cut than a basic but considerably
    less than a Brazilian)
  • Female Full Body Extravaganza wax 70min (£81) (Either Brazilian
    or Hollywood + Full Leg + Underarm)

Basic bikini/G-String bikini/half leg wax on their own are not eligible for this programme.
You must have a minimum of 30 mins body and/or intimate waxing on every visit for Wax Virgin status.

No, there are no upfront financial commitments to Wax Virgin. When you sign up to Wax Virgin, a 4-month payment plan is put in place, whereby you’ll pay the standard price of the treatment(s) you have signed up to, once a month for 4 months. Each payment you make gives you a Wax Virgin appointment credit.

The only commitment we require is for you to be serious about achieving smooth, hair-free skin in the long term. This programme is not designed for people looking for a one-off holiday wax, for example. We are eager to help you achieve the results you crave, and that’s only possible when you commit to a series of treatments. The sooner you commit to waxing at 4-5 week intervals, the sooner you will achieve smooth, hair-free skin?

As waxing experts we know that clients will only get the best results from their waxing if they follow a regular appointment routine, which is what the Wax Virgin Programme is specifically designed to achieve. For this reason, all Wax Virgin appointments must be taken 4 – 5 weeks apart.

If you cannot commit to an appointment frequency of 4 – 5 weeks for your first 4 waxes, you can book one-off appointments as and when you need them, or sign up to one of our waxing packages to access some substantial discounts. Please remember that the best results will always be found when you train your hair into a good growth cycle.

This is a great question, and one which you should pay close attention to, as using the wrong products on your freshly waxed skin could lead to discomfort and irritation.

At nkd we have used our years of experience and expertise to create the perfect products for your at home aftercare – suitable for use immediately post-waxing as well as your daily/ everyday use.  nkd’s essential aftercare products include a cleansing body wash, exfoliating body scrub and soothing body balm.

nkd ( ) sells a handpicked range of the best and most effective waxing aftercare products that are specially formulated to be used on delicate and sensitive areas. These include exfoliators, moisturisers, and skin washes, all of which will help look after, soothe and calm the area you get waxed, as well as helping to prevent ingrown hairs. We also sell more specific products, such as specialist ingrown hair solutions for problem areas, and anti-regrowth solutions to help reduce the amount of hair that grows back.

We recommend that you talk to your therapist about these products when you come in for your appointment. We’d also strongly advise against picking out any old scrub/cream from the back of your bathroom cabinet to use before and after your wax in case this irritates or upsets the area.

The Wax Virgin Programme is designed to get you to a point where you are enjoying smooth, hair-free skin for a few weeks between every appointment. In order to achieve this, it’s important to have a wax every 4-5 weeks at the start of your waxing journey so your hair is trained into the same growth cycle. We ask that you stick to this schedule so that your results are not diminished.

If you’re really keen to join Wax Virgin but there’s an unavoidable reason why you will be unable to attend all 4 treatments 4 – 5 weeks apart, please speak to us and we will try and work out a plan.

You may experience some discomfort during your very first appointment, but you won’t find a wax anywhere that hurts less than it does at nkd.

Many factors can have a bearing on discomfort levels, including hormones, individual pain levels, hair type, and the frequency and type of your previous hair removal routines. Therefore, it’s impossible for us to tell anyone how uncomfortable or otherwise they’re going to find their first wax!

What we can guarantee, however, is that our therapists are highly skilled, having been trained in a variety of nkd techniques which minimise pain. Our training is so good that we’ve been teaching the art of specialist waxing to other beauty therapists and salon managers since 2012 so they too can wax like experts.

The Wax Virgin Programme is designed for brand new clients to nkd, who are completely new to waxing, as a way of educating and helping them to get the best possible results from their waxing journey.

If you are an existing nkd client/have visited nkd in the past and are interested in joining the programme, then we’d be happy to have a chat with you, to see if you’re suitable for it.

As we’ve said, there is a level of commitment required from both sides, so the most important factor for anyone to join is their desire to attain smooth, hair-free skin in the long term, rather than just wanting a short-term hair-removal fix!

Anyone who has previously enrolled on the programme but who didn’t to complete it, will not be eligible to sign up again in the future.

Whilst the duration of the Wax Virgin programme is fixed with your appointments 4-5 weeks apart to ensure you get the best results from your waxes and train your hair regrowth into a cycle that will mean you get the smooth, bump free skin we all dream of there are sometimes factors outside of our control. If the salon is forceabily shut through another lockdown or government mandate we will, of course, extend the duration of the programme so that none of our wax virgins miss out.

*100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you’re anything less than thrilled with your first time getting nkd, then there is no obligation to sign up to our Wax Virgin Programme. You simply pay for the one-off appointment you’ve had and we part ways as friends! If, however, you’re as pleased with your first wax as we expect you to be, you will gain immediate access to 15% off all other products and services taken and your free treatment of choice when you sign up to become an official nkd Wax Virgin!