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We Welcome Everyone & Anyone Wanting To Look & Feel Their Best

At nkd, we provide top-notch waxing and lash & brow services for everyone, regardless of whether you identify as non-binary, transgender, a woman, or a man.

We Always Want You To Feel Comfortable & Welcome Because Feeling Comfortable in Your Own Skin is What nkd is All About!

We care about every individual in our community, and we want you to feel at home in our salons. As such, our doors are always open to start a conversation about how we can better meet your needs.

And While We Respect How You Choose To Identify, We Do Also Need To Get Personal When It Comes To Your Private Parts

Given the nature of the work that we do, we need to know at the time of booking what type of genitalia we’re dealing with when it comes to removing hair. While this is especially relevant with regards to our intimate wax services, it is important for other waxing treatments too.

If you’re asking yourself, ‘Why does it matter whether I’ve got male or female bits’? the reasons are purely practical:

Speak To Us Privately About Your Needs

Our goal is to help all our clients feel confident and happy with their results. We acknowledge that our current price list may not provide every possible treatment combination and type. If you’re not sure which service to book or can’t see the treatment which you feel is appropriate for your needs, please get in touch with us about your individual circumstances and we’ll do our best to come up with the right option for you!
(Please give us any relevant information to help us determine the right waxing solution for you, including whether you are currently undergoing any treatment (including medication) and which body parts you’d like to have waxed)

Do you prefer a conversation instead? We’d love to talk to you. Please request a telephone consultation to discuss your needs.