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Youthful Lashes and Brows

Ahead of Mothers’ Day this Sunday, we’re going to talk ageing Lashes and Brows this week. Because did you know that just like our skin and hair, eyelashes and eyebrows get thinner, sparser and more brittle as the years pass by, and the colour fades out of them? But unlike our skin, when it comes to ageing lashes and brows many of us don’t realise that it’s happening. This means someone can be unwittingly aged significantly by their brows and/or lashes even if their skin and hair look in fantastic condition.

Ageing eyebrows will often become patchy in places. As they become lighter in colour, they will start to look thinner, sometimes almost seeming to disappear into the skin. Like eyebrows, eyelashes can lose their volume, length and thickness over time as well. This ageing process starts to happen in our mid to late 20s (it is said that we lose 1% of collagen per year after the age of 29), although a lot of women don’t actually notice or begin to worry about this until they’re well into their 30s (and in the case of most men probably much later!!).

The good news is, however, that there’s loads of quick, easy and highly-effective remedies to this problem, including:

  • Lash and/or brow tints: Get your lashes and brows tinted! This may be considered an old-school treatment by some, but sometimes, the old things are the best things (as your mum would probably tell you!). Despite how quick, easy and low maintenance lash & brow tinting is, the vast majority of our clients don’t realise just what great results this basic treatment gives. (Personally, we would never just have an eyebrow reshape on its own. We would always enhance it with a tint as well. Even if you are fair (in which case a lighter colour would be used), the difference a tint can make to the overall look of your face and brows is quite staggering.
  • Upgrade to an HD Brows Treatment: The next step up from basic brow tinting is HD Brows , often considered the “Rolls Royce” (!) of brow treatments. An HD treatment consists of an intricate seven-step procedure, including a variety of depilation, colouring and make-up techniques to create the perfect brow, tailored to you.
  • …. Or a Lash Lift: Lash Lifting can instantly make you look younger, more awake and generally on top of the world every day, without you needing to do anything apart from coming in for the initial treatment. A Lash Lift will instantly make your natural lashes look thicker and longer without the need for lash extensions. The results of this very low-maintenance and cost-effective type of lash treatment are impressive and immediately visible, making it little wonder that Lash Lifting is now the most popular eyelash treatment in the UK. Read this brilliant blog (NOT written by us!) to learn more about the wonders of Lash Lifting.
  • Brow make-up: HD Brows offers a range of fantastic brow make-up products, which are considered the best in the industry and which are available to buy at nkd. HD offers a brow make-up product to suit every need and every shade of skin tone/natural brow colour, so with minimal effort you can have salon-looking brows every day.
  • RevitaLash: One of the most effective and sought-after products we sell is the amazing RevitaLash Eyelash Growth serum. RevitaLash is geniunely one of those wunder products which, when used properly, gives outstanding results. This product is not cheap, but boy is it effective, as written about here, again by someone independent of nkd.

So as you can see, there is so much you can do to combat this problem – or help someone else combat it. An nkd Gift Voucher can be redeemed against all of the above and would make an extremely thoughtful Mothers Day gift. Else why not use this opportunity to give a gift to self and treat yourself this week or month?

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