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What are the different types of bikini wax/Which bikini wax is best/right for me

Basic bikini wax, G-string bikini wax, Brazilian, Hollywood or Las Vegas – there’s no such thing as a plain bikini wax anymore! There are also lots of different ways of carrying out these waxes and many different types of wax. At every salon you’ll find a different bikini waxing treatment menu but we wanted to tell you a little more about what makes nkd’s bikini waxes different from most other salons…

At nkd, we start every wax by cleansing and sanitising the area to be waxed to remove any body lotion, dirt or perspiration. Then we apply a soothing Jasmine Oil, which creates a barrier between your skin and the wax. This ensures that the wax sticks to your hair and not to your skin which reduces the level of discomfort you will feel and minimises trauma to the skin when the wax is pulled off.

We apply “hot wax” to your bikini area with a spatula. Hot wax refers to the type of wax it is, not the temperature that it’s applied at (the wax we apply will always feel pleasantly warm but never too hot)! Whereas traditional wax is removed using paper strips (we call this strip wax), hot wax is peeled off directly by hand, with no paper strips needed. Hot wax effectively shrink wraps hairs and begins to set on the skin when applied but remains pliable rather than turning hard and brittle.

After your wax, we finish off by applying some soothing lotions and gels containing rosewater and menthol to cleanse, tone and cool the skin, plus a small amount of oil if needed to remove any sticky wax residue. Once we’re done, your newly-waxed area will be left feeling moisturised and silky smooth to the touch.

So without further ado, here are the different types of bikini wax we offer:

The Basic Bikini Wax

A basic bikini wax takes away the least amount of hair of all the bikini and intimate waxing treatments on offer.

It involves the removal of all hair which would sit outside a standard pair of knickers. So this is any hair on your thighs, the edges of your thigh creases and along the top, underneath your tummy button.

You would be left with a large, inverted triangle shape of hair on your pubic bone, and all hair would remain on your undercarriage (labia) and around the back.

A basic bikini wax is ideal if you want a quick, economical bikini wax and a very basic tidy up. It will fit the bill perfectly if you just want to make sure that nothing pokes out of a standard knickers or swimwear, by which we mean nothing high-cut or skimpy. It can also be a good entry into bikini waxing if you want dip your toe in the water, so to speak, before properly taking the plunge, with a more daring kind of wax (read on for more details of what we mean by this)!

You don’t need to take your underwear off for a basic bikini wax. However, you may be asked to shift and hold your underwear to the side so your therapist has easier access. It would therefore be sensible to wear an appropriate pair of pants which it wouldn’t matter too much if they came into contact with a bit of oil or wax.

The G-String Bikini Wax

A G-String bikini wax goes one step further than a basic bikini wax.

So, while you will still be left with a pubic triangle on top, more hair is removed from around the sides, including a bit from each side of your undercarriage. Imagine wearing a skimpier pair of knickers than your standard big pair of pants – no hair would sprout out the side of these, but a triangle of hair would still be underneath the knickers.

This wax is ideal if you do like your knickers or swimwear skimpier than your average pair of granny pants or if you just want that bit extra off, without going for a fully-fledged Brazilian or Hollywood wax. We find that many clients start off having G-string bikini waxes before realising that actually they want more off and so progress onto a Brazilian wax!

You’ll still keep your knickers on while having a G-String bikini wax and again, we’d recommend wearing an old pair in case they come into contact with any oil or wax.

Note that a G-String bikini wax does not involve the removal of any hair from the actual labia or from your bottom. You would need to have a Brazilian or Hollywood wax (see pages 7 and 8) to have the hair removed from these areas.

The Brazilian Wax

Brazilian waxes are now commonly requested treatments in beauty salons up and down the land. Unfortunately, however, not all beauty therapists are properly trained in how to carry out these kind of waxes, nor do many even understand what a proper Brazilian wax is!

As one might expect, the Brazilian wax emanates from the waxing capital of the world, Brazil. Visitors to Copacabana or Ipanema beach never fail to be stunned by the barely-there dimensions of the ‘dental floss’ bikinis favoured by the masses of Brazilian beach babes. Such skimpy attire would be wholly inappropriate were it not for the now world-famous Brazilian wax which removes almost all hair from these ladies’ nether regions, in a practice that has nowadays gained global popularity.

So to be perfectly clear about it, a Brazilian wax is where all hair is removed from the labia, perineum and anus. Or to put it another way – from your undercarriage and behind!

The only hair left with a Brazilian wax is the “landing strip” of hair on the mons pubis (the top of your pubic bone). This is usually a rectangular shape of hair but some customers prefer a triangle. At nkd, we generally measure landing strips in terms of finger widths and will always ask you how wide you would like the strip before we start to remove the hair from around it.

A Brazilian wax is now an extremely popular choice, as a lot of women simply prefer the feel of having all of their pubic hair removed from below and around the back, but want to retain a small amount of hair on top for aesthetic reasons. Once you’ve had a Brazilian wax, you’ll very rarely go back to having a Basic or G-String bikini wax!

We do need you to remove your underwear for a Brazilian wax. We won’t offer you paper pants because these simply impede our therapists from doing a quick and efficient job, however, you will be covered with a towel which we will move around as necessary during the treatment. For more detailed information about exactly what happens during a Brazilian wax, we recommend that you read our blog: What happens during a Brazilian Wax?

The Hollywood Wax

A Hollywood wax is very similar to a Brazilian wax in that all pubic hair is removed from the labia, perineum and anus (so from underneath and behind). But while a Brazilian wax leaves a small strip of hair on top, a Hollywood wax removes absolutely everything from the pubic bone as well, leaving you completely bare down there/as naked as the day you were born!

Hollywood waxes are obviously ideal for anyone wanting to remove all of their pubic hair. We find at nkd that a lot of women will initially have Brazilian waxes, before eventually deciding that they find their landing strip of hair pointless and decide to have that whipped off as well!

Just like for a Brazilian wax, you will need to remove your underwear for a Hollywood and no paper pants will be supplied! For more detailed information about exactly what happens during a Hollywood wax, we recommend that you read our blog: What happens during a Hollywood Wax?

The Las Vegas

A Las Vegas is where you start to spice things up a bit! Why stop at simply tidying up the hair around your nether regions if you can shape it, colour it, or add some sparkle?

Bikini Gems (otherwise known as the Vajazzle) can be strategically placed to complement your bikini wax of choice. We have a wide range of gem designs to choose from in salon.

We also have various stencil shapes (such as Heart, Star, Arrow, X, Horseshoe, Lightning Bolt, Tulip and of course Bow Tie!!) which would replace your normal landing strip or triangle.

So that’s all of your options, the question is now, which one will you go for?

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