Brazilian Waxing Worries

Brazilian and Hollywood waxes are now commonly-requested treatments in beauty salons up and down the land. For those that aren’t ‘in the know’, for women that means all pubic hair removed from the labia, perineum and anus, with either a narrow strip of hair left on top of the pubic mound for the Brazilian, or absolutely everything off in the case of the Hollywood. For male clients, all hair is removed from the scrotum, perineum and anus.

Or those are the true definitions of Brazilian and Hollywood waxing, anyway. As one might expect, the Brazilian wax emanates from the waxing capital of the world, Brazil. Visitors to Copacabana or Ipanema cannot fail to be stunned by the dimensions of the ‘dental floss’ bikinis favoured by the masses of Brazilian beach babes. Such skimpy attire would be wholly inappropriate were it not for the now world-famous Brazilian wax tidying up these people’s nether regions, in a practice that has gained popularity globally.

The definition of ‘a Brazilian’ has, however, become blurred over time. Many beauty salons, wishing to respond to the surge in demand for intimate waxing, offer their own variations of the treatment, which has the potential to cause a great deal of confusion. Imagine the shame if a seasoned Brazilian waxee flipped herself over to have the hair from around the back removed, only to see the waxer recoil in horror as her own definition of a Brazilian is a landing strip with all other pubic hair intact. It happens.

This problem is not helped by the coyness that many salons demonstrate, despite proclaiming to offer these treatments. All too often, there is scant information on their websites or in their marketing material.

Because many customers are simply too shy to ask, “Will you remove hair from my bottom as part of my Brazilian?”, they don’t. Instead, they take a chance, tentatively entering the treatment room, not really having a clue what they’re going to come out with but hoping for the best.

In order to avoid confusion, the best advice is to be upfront and ask what exactly the treatment involves before booking it. It’s a safe bet that any embarrassment displayed from a therapist or salon manager at this stage will be transferred into the treatment room. And few experiences can be more uncomfortable than getting into the necessary positions to have the hair removed from those areas where the sun definitely doesn’t shine, only to see that your therapist looks more embarrassed than you.

Most salons which take these treatments seriously will be upfront on their website or in their price lists about what exactly these treatments involve. Specialist waxing salons are also starting to spring up, in response to the clear demand for these specialist services that the vast majority of generalist beauty salons still do not cater to. In the search for the elusive perfect Brazilian wax, these can often be your best bet.



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