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Fannuary — you muff be joking!

So Movember was a great success this year. For the past month, men have been carefully cultivating their moustaches in a graphic awareness and fund-raising exercise for male cancers, particularly prostate and testicular cancer.  Such is the inclusivity of the event that those with a mere smattering of bum fluff on their upper lip have stood loud and proud in unison alongside the Bert Reynolds of this world.

nkd is alarmed to note, however, that a female version of Movember is now being mooted. The campaign to get “Fannuary” off the ground has recently taken facebook by storm and is now threatening to infiltrate other parts of British society. For those whose imaginations let them down, Fanuary calls on the fairer sex to forgo their monthly trip to the waxing salon and instead leave their pubic hair untouched, untrimmed and untamed for a whole month in the name of raising awareness of cervical cancer and other women’s health issues.

Now, cynics might say that nkd is being selfish here and is thinking only of its own bottom line when putting up resistance to this good cause. On the contrary, we would say – we constantly have other people’s bottom lines (namely those of our clients!) in our mind – and usually in our sight too! Joking aside, we are all for giving to charity – did we mention that we’ve just raised over £1,100 for the Help a Capital Child appeal which is currently fundraising for the East Midlands Teenage Cancer Trust or that this time last year, we donated £500 to the building of a new Maggies Cancer Centre in Nottingham?

Fannuary is a step too far, however, even for us open-minded folk at nkd. We see several problems potentially arising from this act. For example, it’s easy for a chap to prove to friends, family and work colleagues that he’s taken part in Movember. Proving you’ve participated in Fanuary, on the other hand, could lead to awkward silences, unintended arousal and even imprisonment. What about the fact that traditionally waxing salon offcuts are died green and used to coat tennis balls? Fannuary could cause the global collapse of tennis ball production, just around the corner from the Olympics. Thirdly, these things have a habit of gaining momentum. First, there’s Fanuary, which could easily lead on to Febuhairy and who knows what next?

So in everyone’s interests, nkd would like to propose Balduary instead. Balduary would involve women and men removing all bodily and facial hair, preferably at nkd. Unlike other months, Balduary lasts all year which we feel would have much more impact. Vote now for Balduary and together we can stop Fannuary!

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We have everything you need to know in our brilliant back to basics download pack – click below to get your hands on this jam packed pdf and let us put your mind at rest!

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