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How do I get the most from my HD Brow Appointment?

HD Brow secrets… how to get your brows looking the best they’ve ever looked

At nkd, we love carrying out HD Brow treatments and watching clients walk away with the best-looking brows they’ve ever had.

But there are definitely things that you – the customer – can do to help us help you get the best results from your appointment. Read on to discover our top tips for how to use your next HD Brow appointment at nkd as the first step to getting the brows you’ve always wanted.

1)           Give us something to work with

To get the best results you need to grow your brows back in for as long as possible before your appointment. 4 weeks’ regrowth is the minimum we recommend, but 8 weeks would be even better. You can have an HD Brows appointment sooner than that but the reality is that insufficient brow regrowth will limit the results we can achieve. To clarify, that means absolutely no plucking, tweezing or trimming of your brows whatsoever in the run up to your appointment!

2)           Do your homework

Have a think beforehand about what kind of brows you would ultimately like to achieve. For example, would you ideally like thick, thin or tapered brows? Do you have an ideal shape in mind, such as arched, flat or curvy? And what overall look would you like for your brows? Dramatic, glamourous or natural? Your therapist is an expert so can make recommendations but she isn’t a mindreader. Any help or guidance you can give her about your expectations will help you both. We’ve got an HD Brow lookbook in our reception, which is definitely worth a browse before your appointment.

3)           Don’t view HD Brows as a single treatment

Unless you’ve been naturally blessed with a pair of caterpillars above your eyes (which would give us loads to work with!), it’s probably going to take more than one appointment to get your brows looking how you want them to look.

At nkd, we always say that HD Brows is best viewed as a course of treatments, rather than a single, standalone treatment. In fact, 80% of clients need to follow a regrowth programme in order to get the results they want.

And don’t forget your loyalty card either! Once you’ve had ten treatments with us, your 11th will be free!

4)           Buy the make-up and learn how to apply it!!

One of the major differences between an HD Brow treatment and a standard eyebrow wax & tint is the amazing HD Brow make-up used during the treatment. This make-up serves a number of purposes including filling in any natural gaps or sparse areas in your brows, enhancing the colour of the tint and really defining the shape to give that ultra-sharp look. But of course as soon as you get home at night and wash your face, that make-up is going to disappear!

So, if you want to keep your HD Brows looking fantastic for as long as possible inbetween appointments, we’d recommend that you invest in some of the key HD Brow make-up products to use at home.

Our favourite HD Brow products include the HD Eye and Brow Palette, the HD Brow Define and Browtec pencils and the HD Colourfix gel. These are all fantastic products, which are versatile, last for absolutely ages, are easy to apply and will keep your brows looking effortlessly perfect for weeks after your treatment.

On that note, we recommend that you use your treatment time wisely and talk to your therapist about which products she’s using and how she’s using them, so that you can pick up as many of her expert tips and recommendations as possible for superior make-up application at home!

5)           Be realistic in your expectations

Finally, we’d ask that you’re realistic in your expectations. If you have heavily overplucked your brows in the past, have naturally thin and sparse brows, or are lacking in the brow department for any other reason, please do not expect to leave the salon after your first 40 minute HD Brow appointment looking like Cara Delevingne (or Alistair Darling, depending on your preferences!). We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but that’s simply not going to happen.

On the upside, there do exist some highly-effective brow regrowth products which really do work. We love HD’s Lash & Brow Booster, or for the ultimate in lash and brow regrowth products, there’s RevitaBrow and RevitaLash.

So with a treatment plan in place and some commitment and investment from you in the right products, your brows can be encouraged to thicken up over time, and we’d love to be the ones to help you achieve that!

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