Really? An update on our Nottingham salon…

So we’re being forcibly shut again, here at nkd ( ) Nottingham.

This time with less than a day and a half’s notice.

And how did we find out about this shocking news? Because a client kindly rang us and alerted us to a news update that had just popped up on the Nottingham Post’s website.

So despite the fact that Nottingham’s sky high case numbers have been a cause of national government concern – and a topic of much discussion – for the whole of the last month, businesses like ours are given less than 2 days’ notice that we’re forced to shut and not even given the courtesy of any kind of formal notification.

Really? After the way we’ve already been treated during this whole affair?

This means that the fine folk of Nottingham can continue going to the gym with zero PPE and can pant and heavy breathe all they like over fellow gym goers.

Or they can choose to sit and breathe the same air as a significant number of other diners in pubs and restaurants across the whole county, again with no masks and no other form of facial protection while they’re seated.

Apart from anything else, think of the amount of potential cross-contamination touchpoints in both those kind of establishments.

But they’re not allowed to come, fully masked up, to a beauty salon, where there are NEVER any crowds, where there’s NEVER more than two people in a room, where there are already strict hygiene protocols in place and very few touchpoints.

Seriously, how does that work?

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want any business in Notts or anywhere else to suffer, and I know that gyms, pubs and restaurants have followed guidelines and done what has been asked of them/taken responsible steps to minimise risk. I’m not saying that they too should be forced to close.

But I am saying that it’s not fair that these restrictions are yet again being imposed on tattoo parlours, and nail, tanning and beauty salons, with literally no prior hint or warning whatsoever. Our businesses are without a doubt lower-risk than the type of businesses I mention above, so why are we being targeted in this way?

In theory, a review of Nottingham’s “Tier 3 Plus” restrictions will take place in 28 days’ time. But given the persistent contempt shown towards industries such as ours, I dread to think how long this situation could go on for, and how any future communication will be managed.

Thanks Number 10. Yet again, you’ve shown a real compassion for the people. A real empathy for business owners and residents outside of Westminster. A real respect for everyone who is trying their damned hardest to get through this nightmare without losing everything they have worked so incredibly hard for, for so long. We appreciate it.

Love Rebecca and everyone at nkd

P.S. – If you have an appointment at nkd Nottingham from Friday 30th October onwards, please do not call us to cancel. We will automatically cancel your appointment out of the book, which of course means that you will not be charged. Unfortunately, we no longer have any availability left in Nottingham for tomorrow (Thursday 29th October).

We will be in touch again soon x