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The nkd product range

After years of buying in products from some of the most highly regarded and reviewed brands around the world we decided to develop our own range of post waxing and hair removal products that are designed to be the perfect treat for your skin. This development project has involved over 12 months of research and development to find:

  • Perfect ingredients which work best for the delicate skin post waxing as well as being lovely enough to use every day
  • Optimum components that bring additional benefits to each product such as anti-bacterial properties
  • Unequalled scents that imply freshness and cleanliness whilst also giving an air of luxury when used
  • Complimentary products that work harmoniously for all your skincare needs pre and post waxing, as well as every day
  • Options on sizing as well as bundled products in money saving kits that are perfect for every need

We’re so incredibly excited that all of our hard work (and testing and learning) has led us to the point where in December 2022 we’re able to launch our brand new range of products in both salons just in time for Christmas gifts (hint hint). So, let’s tell you a bit more about the range…

The signature scent of our first range is refreshing & cooling mint & cucumber and we have included such fabulous range of active ingredients.  What makes these super star ingredients so special and why did we choose them?

Tea Tree Oil is from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia, a small tree found natively in Queensland and New South Wales Australia. It is known to have antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties which are amazing when used on skin that has just been waxed because it will fight off any dirt of infection that could get into your open pores.

Benzoin is similar to Tea Tree Oil in many ways but also has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties as well as being an astringent so that it can accelerate the healing of wounds, again perfect if you’ve just been waxed. But, not only that, if also works to protect your skin by creating an invisible barrier which prevents the loss of moisture, keeping your skin smooth and supple.

Cucumber Extract is a super powered scent which hydrates and soothes the skin, this means that it can relieve puffiness or redness, relieve itching and discomfort caused by waxing. There are so many fabulous reasons to use Cucumber that it’s hard to list them all but needless to say this ingredient was a must have for the whole nkd team.

Menthol is a minty scent and we choose to add this particular version to our cleansing wash and exfoliating scrub because it’s known to stimulate the body’s hermoreceptors which help the body think it’s cooling down – which is what creates that refreshing effect. Pretty clever stuff!

Spearmint Oil another of our mint marvels is a really fresh and invigorating scent, it’s antiseptic properties means that it cleanses and refershes at the same time which is perfect if you’ve just had a wax or any other type of hair removal.

Salicylic Acid is derived from willow bark which has been used for years as a anti inflammatory in herbal medicine, in this form it’s perfect for penetrating the skin to really clean our your pores, dissolving dirt, grime and other oils that have built up. Leaving your skin super clean and less likely to develop nasty ingrown hairs.

Hyaluronic Acid is another secret weapon which supports our skin staying youthful! This clever little molecule can hold over 1000 times it’s own weight in water so imagine how much it will be hydrating your skin when you use it!

If you’re not already sold on these amazing new products, then we have a few more fabulous things to tell you:

  1. The whole range is vegan and at although the moment the products do not have the official vegan kitemark this is something we are working towards.
  2. The range has been developed and manufactured exclusively in the UK and buying from us is supporting a small UK based business (which we’d love you for!)
  3. We have worked hard to source packaging solutions that are as environmentally-friendly as possible:

a. We have used pouches – which contain 60% less plastic than equivalent bottles – for the travel sizes – and would love to increase the use of pouches across the range, depending on customer feedback to them!

b. The 300ml and 1L balm and wash are in P.E.T which is an energy efficient material, using 40% less energy during production and they are the most easily recycled plastic variant in circulation today.

c. We will be working towards refillable solutions in the future.

So, there you have it, our secret to happier skin with the BRAND NEW nkd product range. If you want to find out more about the individual products, what they contain and why we think they’re so fabulous then read through our other product blogs now (link to products section when live).

About nkd ( )

nkd ( ) exists to empower its clients by making them feel comfortable and confident in their own bodies.

Providing high-quality waxing treatments to men and women in a professional and clean environment, our specialist skills mean that nkd waxes are quicker and cause less discomfort than waxes from generalist beauty salons, which do not typically employ experts. Our friendly team is so knowledgeable that their detailed aftercare advice will ensure you get the best results for weeks after your treatment.

nkd also offers the latest lash and brow treatments from its in-house lash & brow bar with the same level of specialist skill and advice.

nkd – giving our clients the confidence that comes from looking and feeling their very best.

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Hair Removal Aftercare
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Wherever you choose to remove your hair from, and however you choose to remove it, (nkd’s) range of luxurious hair removal aftercare products will leave you & your skin feeling amazing. All over.

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We have everything you need to know in our brilliant back to basics download pack – click below to get your hands on this jam packed pdf and let us put your mind at rest!

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