Waxing basics you need to read!

As summer approaches, we wanted to revisit some basics this week, which is how to get the best out of every waxing treatment you have with us. Even if you consider yourself a seasoned waxer, we recommend that you read these words of advice so that you can be sure of enjoying the feel of smooth, hair-free skin for as long as possible between every treatment.

Give us Something to Work With and Grow it Out
I.e. don’t shave your legs /back/bikini line and then come for a treatment five days later thinking that you’re going to get great results! We recommend a minimum of 3 weeks’ regrowth, and 4 – 5 weeks is usually even better (for most areas).
WHY? Because if you try and have a wax too soon after the hair was last removed, not all of the hair will have broken through the skin/some of it will be too short for the wax to pick up. Even if it feels like we’ve removed all the hair, you’re likely to get rapid regrowth from hair that was lurking just below the skin’s surface at the time of your treatment, meaning that the waxed area will not stay smooth for as long as either you or us would like. That said, some areas – e.g. underarms and facial hair – may be better on a 2 ½ week/3 week cycle for some clients.

Keep it Regular
A one-off wax is never going to give you outstanding results. Training your hair into a regular routine, on the other hand, which you then have waxed every 4 – 6 weeks, will give you amazing results, by which we mean you remaining hair-free and care-free for the longest amount of time between each wax.
WHY? For much the same reason as above – when you wax sporadically, and especially for your first few treatments, all your hair will be growing through the skin at different times. We can only remove what is there. But once you train your hairs into the same growth cycle, they will eventually all grow through at the same time, which means they can all be removed at the same time. To do this, you should come for your first few treatments every 3 – 5 weeks (the exact time varies by individual client), during which time, you may feel like you’re getting hairier, but this is a good thing and means that your plan is working!

Scrub a Dub Dub
Regular exfoliation is a must for anyone who waxes. But for goodness sake, make sure you use a suitable product – we do NOT recommend digging out that manky seasalt scrub that your old Aunt Maude gave you 7 years ago which has been lurking at the back of your bathroom cupboard ever since and putting that anywhere near your intimate areas! We sell a range of scrubs, which can be used all over your body which give just the right level of exfoliation (many exfoliators of old scratch your skin, which we don’t want).
WHY? Think of all that moisturiser you slap on, along with perspiration, general everyday dirt as well as the build up of dead skin. That’s a whole lot of potential gunk that’s sitting on top of your skin, which will form a barrier between the wax and your hair and which may prevent it being removed in the optimum manner. But by exfoliating regularly, and especially in the lead-up to your wax, you will clear all of this, which can only lead to better results. Exfoliating will also help release any trapped/ingrown hairs so these can also be waxed out.

Moisturise Like a Demon
We also need you to moisturise regularly. Again though, be careful which products you choose near your intimate areas. We strongly recommend moisturisers with tea tree oil, which have natural antiseptic and astringent properties, and which feel wonderfully refreshing when applied after a wax.
WHY? Because dry, flaky skin lead can lead to ingrown hairs. By keeping your skin soft and supple, the new hair will be able to break through the skin easily as opposed to getting trapped under there.

Use an Anti-Regrowth Product
Hair-growth inhibitors will significantly reduce the amount of regrowth you eventually get. While they will not prevent you from ever needing a wax again, if used properly they will most definitely make your regrowth a lot slower, finer and sparser.
WHY? These highly-effective products work by saturating the hair follicle and effectively “starving” the hair of nutrients, which discourages and reduces hair regrowth. But to be effective, they must be applied soon after a wax when your pores are open. You should apply them daily for the first few days after the hair is removed and then weekly thereafter. The next time you remove the hair, you would start applying the product daily again for the next few days.

We hope that advice is helpful to you and look forward to seeing you soon….

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